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 What was the most annoying thing that happened to you recently? (19)

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What was the most annoying thing that happened to you recently?

We NEED a vent area. May as well vent out the little nonsense nuances on here than to your family and friends who just want to staple your mouth shut. :-)

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>< someone hit my car while I was in the gym, a huge dent on the passenger side, no note, no nothing.

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My grandma backed into someone's car when she was grocery shopping. She left a note that said "I hit your car."


LuckyMan(4) Clarified
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I won some money on but then I left my visa in a bank and someone just stolen it lol

I was trying to earn these p for a like 3 weekends man

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I'll start.

My brand new, $300 vacuum isn't working. I accidentally let it vacuum up a shirt, then I pulled it out, and now it's not effing working! Gosh! Vacuum's suck.

(Why is vacuum spelled with two u's? It's weird...)

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Well, maybe this will make you feel better.

My x's best friends hubby bought a 3k vacuum that I'm sure would have had no problem sucking up a shirt,

but then he lost his job...

I'll take the $300 broken vaccuum over an additional 2700 in the hole any day :)

Pineapple(1449) Disputed
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Flip the vacuum over and take out all the screws. Check out the pipe that goes up to the bag, and make sure there is nothing on there.

Also make sure the belt is still on right.

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Oh, well, it's a bagless vacuum... um............... I am gonna mess around with it today to see if I can fix it though.

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My internet connection... Well, not my internet connection, I don't think, but a neighbor's internet connection is terrible. I used to be able to get online fine, but now I got this new desk and my laptop is in a slightly different part of the room, and now I can only get on the internet for minutes at a time, and with a terrible, slow connection at that. I can't download anything, and without notice I'll lose connection, right in the middle of something. I wouldn't be surprised if I lost connection in the middle of this. I guess I'll just need to fix my router, but I think I'll need to buy a new one. Whatever I do, I need internet to survive.

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One of my friends actually made a website about venting about stuff. It's fun. It's

My most annoying thing was about how I can't get certain jobs for at least a month because I'm not 18 by law, even though I have a high school diploma from one of the best high schools in the county. Isn't that awesome?

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Yeah. Well the worse part is that I, as an independent 20 yo woman, am seen as dependent until I'm 24 unless I get married or join the military...

Which is fun.

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I know! That's the most annoying thing EVER! I mean, my parents didn't give me money for anything after I turned 18, and the government/college system has the balls to say I'm still a dependent and thus not grant me tuition that I deserve because I'm poorer than they want to believe. I just don't get it. How does being married or in the military make someone any less a dependent, ya know? You're married, getting 2x the income (thought for at least 2 people), and if you're in the military, you're getting paid more money a month from the government than the average person. I think it's all backwards and it's friggin retarded.

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My girlfriend's "best friend" has a crush on her (she is a lesbian) and is a total ass to me whenever my girlfriend isn't around because she thinks that she is better for her than I am and when I mentioned how rudely I was being treated I was called a liar and got yelled at for "making stuff up"!

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my maths teacher just annoyed me

he in front of all class mates gave me a big lecture to study hard

that was really annoying........i do study hard

and don't need that lecture

It sounds petty, but I have certain ticks. And one of them is when people touch things in my bedroom, move things around in my bedroom, put things in my bedroom, et cetera. What happened yesterday? I come home to a fantastic surprise--my brother and his friend installing a new bed frame in my bedroom, because my mother didn't think it was right for me to sleep on a mattress on the floor. The best part is that I was playing Aura in 'Aura the Magnificent' in, like, an hour, and I needed access to my bedroom and bathroom that I was not given.

It frustrated me to tears.

Side: People touched my stuff
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I'm dealing with moving from an apartment to a house. It's annoying. You have to transfer the electricity, gas, water, and internet connection, all through separate companies. File a change of address. Make sure the new house has nothing wrong with it. Sign all the paperwork. Pay all the fees. Make sure there are no lingering bills at the old place. Rent the U-Haul. Pack everything up. Unpack it again. FFFUUUUUUUUUU

Side: Moving sux

I got called, elderly ;)

Side: Moving sux