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Fear of black violence. Lack of moral fibre.
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What was the prime reason for 81 million Americans electing Biden?

Most of the eighty one million Americans who voted for Biden turned their backs on self respect and their political convictions and voted for ''THE IMBECILE'' as they felt his anti-American, anti-white agenda would help to appease the blacks, the wokes, the radical leftist insurgents and the LGBT., brigade.
''HEY DUMMIES'' guess what, white-livered cowardice didn't work. 

Fear of black violence.

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Lack of moral fibre.

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The darkies were arming themselves for open and orchestrated widespread insurrection had Trump won the election.

The loony leftists, the wokes along with the nation's gender/sexual freaks were all prepared to turn America into a BLOODBATH had Trump won.

Side: Fear of black violence.
excon(18061) Disputed
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The darkies were arming themselves for open and orchestrated widespread insurrection had Trump won the election.

Hello N:

Does it matter so much WHO started it?? If so, from my perspective, Biden won, and the right wing started it.


Side: Lack of moral fibre.
Developing(494) Disputed
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Excon, instead of answering, you ended uo asking 4 questions. That is what leftists do in order to avoid debate, they ASK questions instead of answering questions. It's a childish game that is very transparent to me.

With that said, I will play.

Black crime rates (per the FBI crime statistics) are out of control. This is especially the case in our Democratic Party controlled states and districts.

I actually forgot about the "Proud Boys" and "Oath Keepers". That's how little of importance they have in our daily lives.

What "onslaught" are black Americans today facing? Statistically, most black people that are murdered are done so by fellow blacks.

The Jews in Germany were vastly outmatched by their antisemetic Nazi enemies.

There are armed black militias. Here (below) are some links.

(NFAC) "Not Fucking Around Coalition"

"Armed Black Militia Challenges White Nationalists at Georgia's Stone Mountain Park"

"Rise of the Moors militia member is heard on his own bodycam recording 'ordering a SNIPER to take his position' as Massachusetts state police surrounded them on their way to Maine 'for training"


Side: Fear of black violence.
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It would appear that the much longed for multicultural America living in peaceful harmony is ''A DREAM TOO FAR''.

The opposing ideologies of the political elite are too polarized and both sides have their all too ready and willing armies of, easily led mindless militants straining at the leash to ''do battle''.

THE IMBECILE has exacerbated national division, created distrust and greatly increased the likelihood of deadly civil unrest and racial conflict.



Side: Fear of black violence.
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Biden and the leftists have ''AMERICA RUNNING ON EMPTY'' and yet THE IMBECILE is still in office, how and why can this be?

THE IMBECILE has placed America in a sea of economic turmoil, a tsunami of violent crime, people trafficking and modern-day slavery and all he can do is FALL UPSTAIRS, TOPPLE OFF HIS STATIONARY BICYCLE and spew out incomprehensible gobbledygook .


Side: Fear of black violence.
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"Conservative" governments around the western world are becoming the party of white people, as well as Asians, and those members of usually very dysfunctional minority groups who have brains and who are productive. "Progressive" western political parties represent the welfare dependent, dysfunctional minorities, and spoiled rich kids and their filthy rich celebrity mates, as well as homosexuals and those peculiar people who are confused about their gender.

The reason why the Dems won is because the number of dysfunctional minority groups in the USA keeps increasing through immigration (both legal and illegal) and birth rate differentials between conservatives and progressives.

The only way that the success of the progressives can reverse is for them to make an absolute stuff up of their economy and to continue to destroy the social harmony of their communities. The they are making a real effort to achieve that. What may result is that enough rich kids and celebs will realise that their advocacy of anti democratic and dysfunctional minorities is not in their own best interests, and this influential group will throw their weight behind the conservatives.

Side: Fear of black violence.
Norwich(1263) Clarified
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The inexorable march of the left's illegal immigrant policy will play a major factor in the approaching ''death of a nation''.


It really doesn't matter what happens from here on in, or which political party gains office, the size of the ever-growing illegal immigrant population has already signed our country's death warrant.

The sanctimonious, the loony lefties, the wokes have all independently voted America into nothing more than a third world nation with a national debt of some $ 28 Trillion.

As an retired businessman I can tell you that as we struggle to meet our ongoing, everyday expenses by continuing to borrow even more, there is no way we will ever be able to pay back our debts to our creditors and will therefore become a bankrupt rogue country.

Eighty one million AMERICANS voted ''THE IMBECILE'' into power and we are all now lumbered with the legacy of the left's lunacy.

What do I say?, SLAP IT UP YE with a big stick.

Side: Fear of black violence.
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What was the prime reason for 81 million Americans electing Biden?


He wasn't Trump.. The Dems could have run a fire hydrant and won..

Side: Lack of moral fibre.
LordSauron(150) Disputed
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Objectively false

Side: Fear of black violence.
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Excon, under President Trump our economy was STRONG. The USA did not go to war or even fear the threat of war. Our southern border with Mexico was much more secure. Crime was down and our Constitutional Rights were preserved.

Currently Donald Trump is polling much higher than Joe Biden.

"Trump Leads Biden by 7% in SLU/YouGov Poll"

Side: Lack of moral fibre.
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I agree that the fact that Biden wasn't Trump played a significant role in THE IMBECILE being elected.

But, and please regard this as a genuine and earnest question, WHY?

What did Trump do or say that was bad for the nation or could have been interpreted as racist?

Our enemies had a healthy fear of the United States and Trump let them know when they had crossed the threshold of tolerable aggression/expansionism.

Our allies viewed us as the unchallenged leader of the free world and Trump told them in no uncertain terms that the Yankee Gravy Train had come to an end and trading was going to be on a more even playing field.

As well as this the Europeans were forcefully TOLD to meet a larger portion of the budget for their own defense.

Mexico had agreed to accommodate the nomadic lowlife wannabe illegal immigrants on their side of the border until the filth had their applications processed in accordance with U.S., immigration laws.

All the aforementioned orderly conditions were immediately annulled by THE IMBECILE

Inflation was under control with affordable gas prices.

THE IMBECILE cancelled the keystone Pipeline, forbid any further production/drilling, including offshore, of fossil fuels.

Consequently America shifted from being a net exporter of oil to a major importer.

Trump was an strong advocate for law & order and while this attracted fierce opposition from those who benefited from lawlessness it did instill a degree of confidence in the average decent citizen.

All this was washed away in a Tsunami of imbecilic Bidenism from which the nation will probably never recover.

Are Americans really that dumb that they cannot see the truth even when it's attached to a baseball bat and it hits them over the teeth? Or are they just simple tribal folk who will follow their chief over the precipice into oblivion?

Side: Lack of moral fibre.