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What will the post-coronacrisis world look like?

Im interested in hearing your perspectives on what to expect of this society after the coronacrisis is over, and people shift back to a more normal daily life.   Im interested in your expectations concerning the global economy, the environment or general lifestyle changes that this crisis may or may not have started.
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In these past weeks we have learned to really make use of our technological advantages. Technologies that we may have avoided because people don't always like change.

I think this period will properly introduce everyone to the advanced online world we've spent the past decades creating - and I think it will stick. I think webshops and online shopping in general will see a significant permanent boost in sales, and "physical" stores will likewise see less customers.

Now that teachers and educators have been forced to learn and use the online platforms, we will see them being used even more, also after the crisis is over.

I do not however feel that the coronavirus outbreak will teach any kind of lesson - not regarding the economy, nor the environment or public health/sanitation. People tend to not learn from history, and I don't think this will be any different.

FerretHole(115) Clarified
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The "crisis" will not end any time soon, instead I think we will figure out how to manage the virus and things will more or less go back to normal but the virus will still technically be here for a long time. You are right about people not learning from history though, not much will change socially or economically as a result of this if anything at all. If it did, hopefully that change would be that the chinese people become even more aware of how shitty their government is and how dangerous it is to be doing many of the things that are common over there.

There is a risk of a second "explosion" of the virus though, because eventually we will get sick of closing everything down and it is very unlikely the virus will be truly done away with when that happens. It might creep up on us after that and start spreading through some unforeseen medium or just from the general simmering down and guard lowering.

bridgetmm(74) Clarified
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The "crisis" will not end any time soon, instead I think we will figure out how to manage the virus and things will more or less go back to normal

Well if things go back to normal, that means this particular crisis is over. I don't understand what you're saying

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There should be ticker tape parades and street celebrations just as there was at the end of WW2.

At the moment the nations of the world are facing a common enemy.

This creates a bonding of purpose and empathy with the suffering of others so maybe at the end of this on-going horror the nations of the world will feel a closeness with their former adversaries.

What will the post-coronacrisis world look like?

A world filled with Brontoraptors.

leonamargret(85) Disputed
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Most of the countries are closed their borders due to this wide spreading of coronavirus COVID-19. why is my brother printer offline We need to have a proper hygiene social distance and always use hand sanitizer and mask whenever we got out. We all will fight against this massive attack.