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What will you do if America goes into quarantine lockdown?


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Oh, I got this one! I can answer this this..., I'mma gonna binge on all the Netflix shows on my queue ;)

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Given that I live in Europe, I'd be fairly unaffected by a quarantine lockdown in the us.

Here in Denmark extreme measures have been taken - all school (from daycare to universities) have closed, since Im an elementary school teacher Im out of a job for the time being - but we are getting paid, so it's not a problem. I try to stay busy with stuff, tons of projects to take on here at home.

It is however taking a major toll on the industry, so I honestly believe this will be the start of a financial crisis.

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Pretending to be a female, eh Nom? Pretend to be a donkey next time so we'll know your donkey based opinion.

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What would I gain by pretending to be a female ?

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