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What will you do if you found out that your brother was in jail?


What will you do

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What whould you say

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I would ask for his bank account information so that I could withdraw the money necessary to bail him out. If I'm caught on my way to Mexico with ALL of his money, I would say, "I guess it runs in the family" ;)

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I'd walk into the jail and be very dramatic about how he has disappointed the family name and how I always loved him in spite of everything he always did and then slowly snatch my share of the stolen money and walk away!

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Well, considering my brother IS in jail, I do nothing.

I call him every now and then, and write him, that's about it.

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What the hell can you do. I found out both of my brothers were in jail by google. shrug and say fuck it.

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I will do anything to get him out, and I know that he had to be framed for something.

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For me, there are really only 2 possible responses:

1. When did you get the sex change operation and isn't your husband going to freak out when he finds out, I know I did.

2. Dad never talked about you. I guess that, and the fact that you're in jail, makes you the black sheep of the family.

In both instances, they would get my signature smile ;)

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Me: "Hey bro. Why are you in Jail."

Bro: "I robbed a 7/11 store."

Me: "Cool..."

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Hellno(17758) Disputed
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Yeah, but in your case it would be you that was in jail and your brother probably wouldn't be calling.

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TheThinker(1712) Disputed
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I think my brother would call. Me and him had a lot of disputes so i would guess at least just one call before he goes on with his future.

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Police Officer: "Are you Mr. *? If so, have you been wondering where your brother has been the last day? He's been here, down town."

Me: "...... Um... I have a sister... O_o."

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I told him he needs to get himself cleaned up and out of the hole he's in.

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