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 What would be the best thing someone gave you? (11)

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What would be the best thing someone gave you?

It could be a gift, present for your b'day, christmas gift or maybe just a simple gift but it really touched you..

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A Christian Co-worker of mine, in 2004 gave me his time, attention and patience, and without knowing it, gave me the seeds which led to my conversion to Christ after a long life of searching for truth. Whatever the outcome, I think the best thing that any of us can give or receive is time, love, attention, and patience.

Last Christmas my brother gave me an Apple iMac all-in-one desk computer. This gift is appreciated by me every single day.

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Suppose you have to be grateful for such an expensive gift but I can imagine your disappointment when you found out it wasn't a real computer. :p

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I don't understand your comment because my gift is a real computer.

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Ya, don't turn this moment into a negative one... Everyone needs something/ someone to appreciate..

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Well, not being a very popular person, the best present I ever received was an exploding suppository. But hey, it was the thought that counted.

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My grandparents are paying my college tuition, I certainly appreciate that.

That's cool! We all have things to appreciate... Just wanted to find out....

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My visa. .

Joel_Mathews(2281) Clarified
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Hahahah! Where are you from that you need a visa.. To travel??

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a life. yes bro. 09 090 0909 parents am i rightZzZZ 50 characters awwww cmon

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The best present to receive surly is advice, this can dramatically cut down on wasted time especially if it is on life decisions learning from someone who has already made mistakes gives you a dramatic head start in life