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 What would estimate is Outlaw's IQ? (18)

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What would estimate is Outlaw's IQ?

My honest guess is about 65.
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How would one estimate the IQ of a Leftist that is confused about which bathroom to use !


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Boy from the UK i am going to have some fun with your dumb ass !!!!!!!!!!! LMMFAO !!!!!!!!!!

82% of Americans fear nuclear war with North Korea

Most Americans are both paying attention to the news surrounding the nuclear threat from North Korea and worried about the potential for war, according to a new poll from Public Policy Polling, a Democratic polling firm, given exclusively to Axios.

The poll was commissioned by Vote Vets, a progressive PAC focused on issues affecting veterans and troops.

Some highlights from the poll:

91% of Americans have paid at least some attention to the North Korea news with 63% giving a lot of attention to the issue. Those numbers were pretty constant among both parties.

54% of both Democrats and Republicans felt that war between the United States and North Korea is somewhat close — while 26% of Democrats and 23% of Republicans think it's very close.

Diplomacy favored: Sizable majorities in both parties (82% of Democrats, 68% of Republicans) favor exhausting all diplomatic options in order to avoid war, and even bigger majorities (90% of Democrats, 80% of Republicans) support direct talks with North Korea before military action.

An area of disagreement: While a plurality of Americans oppose a preemptive military strike to disable North Korea's nuclear capabilities, the parties themselves disagree — a majority of Republicans would support it while a majority of Democrats would be opposed.

Did you Scared Little Gurls check the IQ of Shane Savitsky there at Axios ???????? ROTFFLMMFAO !!!!!!!!!

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What would estimate is Outlaw's IQ?

Hello D:

He's STUPOR STUPID.. What is that, 24?


Chinaman(988) Disputed
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Could the question be asked as to the IQ you think you have. Keyboards make weak individuals very strong and their responses just as weak.

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Troll i am going to make you a guarantee and that guarantee is i am going to fuck you and have some fun with it as i upset you !!!!!!!!!! LMMFAO

mrcatsam(582) Disputed
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I think it's funny how you've actually decided to get angry about this. Why don't you take a break? Have some tea?

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Outlaw's astuteness is demonstrated in his ability to identify the fallaciousness of the arguments presented by the site's loony lefties and expose their embarrassing drivel for what it is.

His ability to consistently demolish the flawed narratives of these Bolshevik truth suppressors has upset and unmasked the red leftists.

Based on his input on this site Outlaw's intelligent quotient must be upwards of 120.

Or in other words just over twice your own I.Q.., score.


Even so, all you dummies have done is to disgrace yourselves.

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I am thinkoing the men's room ? If you are a man that is. Otherwise I thought this was about trump and funny in that for him, forget it. One requires intelligence to measure the Intelligence Quotient.

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HOT-DIGGITY-DAMN! I get to agree with DB for a change! I would say your estimate is …. um … generous!

outlaw60(15500) Disputed
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Trump is in trouble. He's gonna START a war to DISTRACT us. Will it be Iran or Venezuela?

Here is what the CONFUSED SOCIALIST wrote because he is so SCARED !!!!!!

I'm afraid it will be here. I've been there 5 times on business. Have a lot of friends there. It's a toss-up whether (tto?) leave it to them or interfere. Putin is getting a foothold there. Something may have to get done to prevent another Cuba.

Thing is, we can't ALLOW it to become a distraction! The Putin/Trump Administration HAS TO GO!

But AL was told by his media that America was going to be at war with North Korea ! ROTFFLMMFAO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

outlaw60(15500) Disputed
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Let's check AL's IQ and this will be fun !


Rhode Island generates a larger share of its electricity from natural gas than any other state, more than 90%.

AL you Climate Believers need the Nasty Fossil Fuel ?

Where is your IQ there AL ?????

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87 with a margin of error of +/- 6