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 What would happen if an Asian country took over the world? (7)

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What would happen if an Asian country took over the world?

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Talking of driving just see whether you can manage in such driving conditions as shown in the video:

a drive
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We would all be starving all of the time. You know, that "an hour later" thing. Also, wouldn't be able to get anything accomplished, cause you know that "an hour later" thing.

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If an Asian country took over the world, you can see crime rates dropping, a huge technological boom, a new love of rice, higher educational standards, a strong work ethic, respect to one's parents, distribution of money between classes of society, a new respect for authority figures, and a strange obsession with anime/manga.

Also: I know how to drive!

Maybe..., but the world will also be a little less green as they cut down trees to make chopsticks ;-)

Inlight(4) Disputed
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It's funny how you're saying that when it is likely that they on average have a far less impact on the environment overall as compared to you...

Driving, as we know it, would cease to exist. This would force us to develop a new form of transportation ;)

Kinda(1649) Disputed
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Indians are good drivers though. I think you should specify them orientals cause we all know they've got broad view only.... :D:D