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 What would happen to water if we could get it to freeze? (10)

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What would happen to water if we could get it to freeze?

The most nagging question in science.
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I think it would get really cold and slippery. We may be able to use it in ice rinks and create all kinds of sports that can be played on it and even have Olympic competitions on it. We may also use it to cool our drinks and shove it down people's shirts! I mean, the uses are almost endless.

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I made a major breakthrough in that field today. We created cubes of frozen water. To means are a bit technical but I was able to knock out your last two suggestions ;)

Well, that gives a whole new meaning to the word, "Cool!"

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Sir, this is a physical impossibility. We don't need any of your wackjob ideas around here.

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Freezing water is impossible, what the hell you talking about?

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Kurt Vonnegut postulated this in his article "Cat's Cradle: Particle Acceleration as a Means to Solidify Dihydrogen Monoxide," where he famously coined the term "ice." Countless scientific research firms have tried, unsuccessfully, to create this so-called "ice."

What seems to be misfortune, however, may actually be incredibly lucky. If this so-called "frozen water" was to come in contact with unfrozen water, it would likely cause a chain reaction, causing the contacted, liquid water to become solid as well. By this process, it is not only possible, but probable, that creation of this incredibly dangerous substance would eventually convert the oceans, and the earth's entire water, supply to ice.

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Of course, we could just leave the oceans out in the sun, say perhaps, in an empty iced tea glass and on the front porch of a Southern summer house. The oceans would theoretically thaw out, and everything would be okay.

Though if one of those president guys get into office, I heard he plans to ban the use of the sun. Apparently, the government doesn't want you to enjoy a "cold one." No?

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I think if water started freezing then Jesus would be cold when he walked on it, and it wouldn't be much of a feat then would it?!

Talk about stupidity, if water froze, it would just sink. The top layer of water would then freeze and the process would repeat. We'd have global cooling on our hands. That's why my next purchase is going to be a non-catalyst V8 SUV. God bless America!

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Why do people keep mentioning ice? Don't you think i know better than that? I've tried freezing water with ice, but the water just melts. So the question is yet unanswered... and the frontiers of science stretch ever further.

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