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 What would make you join an armed revolt? (10)

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What would make you join an armed revolt?

At what point in your nation would you draw the line and start/join a revolution?


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When guns and freedom of speech are outlawed or severely restricted.

Oh... wait! That's already happening in Canada!

JayAr(182) Disputed
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So you are already part of an armed group plotting to overthrow the Canadian government? (NATO will cite the thing as an internal issue not an external one...)

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If the government tries to take my arms, they will try to take everything else. When the government wants my arms I will give them to them, by that I mean I will give them the bullets by discharging them in their bodies.

When it looks like the liberals are winning ;)

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There's a million reasons to why I would revolt. Sitting here giving a list to them all is just stupid.

I don't see many revolts happening though. The government is smarter than it used to be. It's learnt to slowly brainswash and slowly introduce changes rather than making big impulsive changes all at once.

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I'm intrigued, can you give one or two examples off of the top of your head?

Good point as to the 2nd paragraph.

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The closest highest amountn of aggression I've felt to the government was during the G20 riots when I just felt the government shouldn't have bailed out the banks.

Things that would affect my personal life i.e. religion, race, culture. Not being allowed to practice my religion. Things like that.

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when there is a revolt in my town, i would join.....the minimumlength for an asldkfjas;lkdkfasdfasdf

zombee(1026) Disputed
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You'd join a revolt for no reason than it was happening in your locale?

loganwhite(51) Disputed
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because im an anarchist, no, not one of those, down with government, down with homework, down with not letting me go to a party! kind of anarchists. i think that true anarchy is not following any path, i dont think order is bad, but i think the government is disorder. order is a natural thing, you dont "elect" order, you let what happens happens