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What would the opposite party have to do to win your vote or mind?


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Neither party can win my mind but I prefer Democrats because they aren't fascists. Not being fascists is a definite plus as far as I'm concerned.

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I have voted Republican before. Not often, to be sure. Today, however, there are no Republicans running (or even existing), and conservatives are anything BUTT.

I'm not a tall person. Still, I can't stoop low enough to vote for a Trumplican, (and it isn't due to arthritis :-). I think Libertarianism would lead to even more chaos than Trumplicanism ... if that's possible.

So, if someone decent decides to restart the Republican Party, and is as decent as Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt or Ike ... I'll consider voting Republican again. Building a party from nothing is hard to do, though. ;-)

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I haven't, and wouldn't have, voted for any modern Republican for president, but have voted for Republicans down-ballot and typically came to regret it.

Many of my positions would ostensibly map well to supposedly conservative ideals, but generally not their current manifestations.

- reduced monetization of criminality and fewer laws against consensual activities: drugs, gambling, prostitution, polygamy, etc.

- ensuring every citizen can vote

- campaign finance reform - every contribution should track to an individual

- recognizing that abortion is self defense

- cure-bounties could be a conservative alternative to government-enforced drug patents

However, libertarianism is untenable and needs to be complemented by more progressive policies. Some of them could be achieved in pseudo-conservative ways.

- social safety net/UBI (has been supported by some conservatives), basic healthcare for everyone, some mental health services

- fair-trade policies - labor standards (or UBI), and environmental regulations

- increased transparency for consumers

- maintain/improve infrastructure - municipal wi-fi, high-speed rail

- positive foreign relations including investments in foreign aid

- moderate gun policies - universal background checks, formalize the bump-stock ban, magazine size limitations

Mix with a little charisma and intelligence and a Republican could stand a chance at getting my vote.

I'm not holding my breath, but I do think Trump not being ideologically consistent or knowledgeable has exposed an opportunity for Republicans to rethink their policy positions for the future.

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