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 What would you advise your child regarding tattoos and why? (12)

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What would you advise your child regarding tattoos and why?

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As long as you live in my house, no tattoos. I don't care about your rights, you relinquish them when you come into my domain, where I feed and shelter you for free. hell no.

I have a tattoo, that is hypocritical to say, but I have the right to say it and I use that right. Tattoos give people the wrong impression about you.

Regardless of whether or not their impression is correct it makes getting jobs, where your image is important, harder.

At the bottom line, honestly if they could hide it from me, they can get it, because if they can hide it in a place where they are at their most comfortable probably in shorts and tank tops, then they can hide it from a person inspecting them for a new job where they will surely be wearing more cover ups than they would at home.

Well I wouldn't let my child get one until he/she moves out or turns 18. My rules are law in my house. That might be one of my few rules but no tattoos until 18 or you move out.

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What if they did?

Hmmmmmm I would probably stop treating them like a minor and give them double chores and allowance but I get to install taxes on whatever they get. Also I would tell them to start learning how to camp outside. They won't stay in my house for too long.

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Tattoos ruin the body.

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My main rules regarding tattoos have always been no girlfriends names and no band names those are the main two things I have seen regretted I also think tattoos are something you should think about long and hard especially positioning as tattoos on your hands or that cannot be hidden easily can cause problems with jobs

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If you get a tattoo, choose something symbolic that represents you.

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When you're legally able to make the decision to get one, and you'd like one, consider these:

1) Your pain tolerance in various parts of your body.

2) Your stamina.

3) Vibration sensitivity.

4) Your willingness to commit to the depicted ink on your skin.

5) The intelligence to research the best artist and facility for your tattoo.

6) Patience, tolerance with dealing with those who may treat you differently.