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What would you do if...

Imagine this:

You and your friend have decided to take a short-cut home through the woods. Your phone just ran out of credit texting your friends invitations to your party and his/her phone has a password. There is an escaped prisoner on the loose and was seen in this area but you think it'll all be fine because yesterday you found out you got your black belt in karate. As long as you and your friend stick together, you'll be fine.

With about half an hour's walk left, you friend and you decide to race to a nearby tree. He/She goes rushing on ahead and trips over a large tree-root. He/She falls flat on his/her face and passes out. You try to pick him/her up but you can't carry him/her very far before you have to put him/her back down. You realise it would take hours like that.

What do you do?

Leave and get help

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Stay and wait

Side Score: 3
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I had to pick this side, because I didn't get the other choice... Stay and wait for what? The criminal to come and kill us? Uh, no.

So, I'd camouflage them near some bushes or whatever, and run to get help. Thing is, I get distracted easily, so the possibility of taking a detour for some ice-cream or stopping at a pizzeria for some pizza are very much likely.

Side: Leave and get help

Stay and wait for her to wake up, or leave and run as fast as possible in the hopes that I get back in time before the criminal gets him or her. I like the option that relies on my ability, better than the option that relies on my charge's ability.

Side: Leave and get help
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i would stay and wait for sure. i cant really leave my friend alone. Also..what if...Imagine this, you leave your friend and go for help, and then the prisoner escapes, finds your friend, and rapes her?! i mean it might be tempting for him to rape a female..who can't struggle right? what if he is creepy and was in prison for rape? aish...that would be a bad thing. so ill wait for my friend to wake least if he comes i MIGHT be able to keep him away...or or or maybe i would drag my friend to a safer zone...or just drag her home, a few bruises and cuts will heal eventually right? ;)

Side: Stay and wait
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I'd stay and wait cause i doubt any criminal would be dumb enough to kill 2 people for no reason so soon after escaping.

Side: Stay and wait