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 What would you do if you had 300,000,000,000? (11)

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What would you do if you had 300,000,000,000?

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Go to a bank and ask for 30,000,000,000,000 cents.

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I ment money by the way.Just forgot to put a dallor sign.Sorry every one.

TheThinker(1712) Clarified
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Click the title of your debate and you can edit the title.

Now you know :D (Rainbow shown)

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No I mean With the money what would u do with the money............ok ok ok kk.

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I would give half of it to Bush and see who could spend it faster.

BenWalters(1513) Disputed
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But whenever you give Bush money, he'll just get into debt which 'he' pays back 4 years later, and make it look like they're spending loads

Buy 600,000,000,000 Mars Bars.

Buy 2,000,000,000 acres of the moon.

Pay off Greece's debt, then demand to be worshiped as a God, for I am a jealous God.

Build a giant bungee rope from the top of Mt Everest... then push Stephen Hawking off the top.

Donate it to Vermin Supreme, to fund his genetic splicing experiment to create winged monkey tooth fairies.

Buy 10 million lottery tickets whenever the jackpot is above 10 million.

Buy 5kg of anti-matter, mold it into a brick... and throw it at Justin Bieber.

Charity? Bah Humbug!

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Buy everything I could ever think of wanting, then buy all my friends & family everything they want, then donate a couple hundred billion to starving Africans & Indians. Then establish a global soda business & a libertarian magazine. Then buy a rocket, establish a colony on the Moon that would be an independent nation...arm it to protect against future attacks. Put tens of trillions into better space exploration...then go establish another colony on a another earth like planet...then just keep perpetuating from one planet to another...use those planets for industry too. Oh, and then make my soda business universal...

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If I feel particularly politician-like that day, than I'll use it as kindle to roast my marshmallows.

The best thing to do with that kind of money is to first think of a great idea that would sell millions. Make it. Advertise it. Sell it. Basically, start a million dollar company.

The reason why is now you have a strong base that will make you money in the long run. Well, there is not guarantee but hopefully your product is useful and needed.

Now i would give the rest or most of it to several charities. And now with my successful company, i will able to give more to charity. :D And to myself :D And to my family and friends :D and to myself :D

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I would buy the rainforest, save animals and get a castle built that is exactly like hogwarts with secret passages and stuff XD

I would be the happiest guy on earth and I would share my money with others and make them happy.