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 What would you do if you met a CreateDebate member? (63)

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What would you do if you met a CreateDebate member?

What would you do if on the virtually near impossible chance you ran into and recognised a CreateDeabte member during your daily life? Who would you like it to be? What would you do? What would you say?
Hopefully killing them wouldn't be the first thought that pops into your head ;) 

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Well, I promised Nummi that if I ever saw him I'd take a hit so big that when I blew it in his face it would show up on the radar as a hurricane... So I have to hold that promise!

I'll be right there next you you, making that hurricane that much bigger.

Out of curiosity, what do you smoke?

I smoke pot, my favorite strand is Grand Daddy Perp. And what do you smoke?

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Hmm, it depends on who it is.

If it was Joe, I would want to pull some kind of prank on him.

If it was you, I'd want to invite you over for a drink with my friends.

If it was Andy, I'd say hey and ask if we could go out for coffee to talk.

If it was Hellno, I'd order him to do some man-slave duty ;)

If it was Srom, I'd ask to meet his family ;)

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Oooohhhh! I can't wait. I hope you carry your whip at all times because I can be a little unruly? ;)

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Of course, there's always one in my purse. Just in case I see you ;)

I was going to let you play with my big, purple thing but now I'm afraid of what you might do to it ;)

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Awww, I would be super careful with your big, purple thing Joe. I promise ;)

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Why would you want to meet my family? Just wondering why.

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It was a joke, since you have so many brothers who have used CD and your dad has used CD...

addltd(5132) Clarified
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Or, maybe we would go out for a drink... I am not a big coffee fan and have tons more fun enjoying an adult beverage!

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Hey, you're right! Clarify works now, yaaaay! :)

And if we go out for drinks then I make no promises of how the night will end. lol

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We'd probably start into a debate shouting "disputed" at each other before every argument and air clicking a mouse in a vane attempt to downvote each other.

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I think in real life a punch in the forehead counts as a down-vote?

OK, I'll remember that when we meet.

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That wouldn't work. You can only down-vote people one. You can punch people in the forehead as often as you like.

Until the cops show up.

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The CD secret handshake...

2 points

Probably ask if they want to smoke and talk philosophy...

Or drink and talk philosophy.

or fuck and talk philosophy.

or just say "fuck off faggot."

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I like those choices, can I pick more than one? ;)

2 points

yes... yes you can. ;)


About a quarter of the people on here I would invite to partake in recreational drug use (weed and alcohol included) with me and discuss/debate as usual. This list includes Chuck, Pyg, Ax, rice, Saur, Liber, Mack, Ben, you (S. Pizza), Demorius, joe, and silas.

About half I would just pretend I never noticed them and just hope they didn't see me.

A further quarter I would not want to hang out with (i.e. no friendly conversations over a beer at a pub or a bowl on a hilltop), but might take some time out of my day to argue or talk with them a bit in the street. This list includes Srom, Assface, and Nummi.

2 points

I would buy them a beer, coffee or long as it wasn't more than 10 - 20 of them... otherwise, I would ask them to buy me the beer or coffee!

1 point

Let's just hope that never happens............LOL.

1 point

To be fair, who would one know that they've met a CreateDebate member? Anyway, I'ld try just try make them one of my allies.

1 point

There's five users that I can think of off the top of my head who have shown their faces, so look out for them ;)

1 point

I guess there's more of you over in America.

Nah, I wouldn't kill them. Just bag their head, shove them in my car boot, drive them to the nearest forest, chloroform them, rape them, then take their wallet.

Haha, just kidding, I don't use chloroform. If you wanna know if you saw me, here's my picture.

Why is it all cars in Britain wear shoes and puritan headgear?

Britain's a kooky place, I guess ;)

1 point

Oh, I don't know...I'd probably ask for their name, pluck the hair from their scalp, extract all their teeth with a hammer and chisel, cut off their limbs, boil them in tar and scrape their remains out onto the road.

Smiles evilly And I'm behind you...

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I'd say: "Hi, I'm Hellno" and if it was Garry I'd add "wanna go get drunk?" Then we would head to his favorite pub where him and all his mates would proceed to get shitfaced and bash America and then I'd get pissed off and leave and hope I don't get arrested for public intoxication... wait? It's Ireland, that won't happen.

If it was Suar I'd say: "Your every wish is my command".

If it was Rice I'd say: "Top of the morning to you and the rest of the day to yourself, are you and your crew buggin or is there some serious beef cause I was about to jet but I could be persuaded to jump the couch and spend some grip."

If it was Chuck I'd say: "Wotcha! Wanna get arse over elbow drunk?"

If it was Supremepizza I'd say: "Dude, what's with the Bieberdo?"

If it was Joe I'd say: "Dude, wanna go make fun of some liberals?" (I know he'd say yes) ;)

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If it was Chuck I'd say: "Wotcha! Wanna get arse over elbow drunk?"

Please. The men from my town can handle their alcohol. Ever seen the legendary Danny Wilson? Worksop's finest.

Get fucked.
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Wait... a couple more...

If it was Dremorius I'd say: "You evil bastard you!!!"

If it was Cuaroc I'd say: Dude, your avatar is scary... but not as scary as mine!" ;)

If it was Akulakhan I'd ask: "Dude, are you always stoned, or were you just stoned when your avatar pic was taken?"

If it was Prayerfails he probably yell at me and tell me to get off his lawn before I could say anything?

If it was Thewayitis I'd probably throw a few bucks in his dumpster so he could go buy a new bottle of liquor wrapped in a fresh new paper bag.

1 point

Okay, I forgot:

If it was GeneralLee I'd be like: "What do you get when you cross a donkey with an onion?" and he'd say: "What?" And then I'd say: "A piece of ass that brings a tear to your eye. Wanna go down to the Boar's Nest and see if we can find one?"

If it was GuitaristDog I'd say: "Dude, pass that this way."

If it was ThePyg I'd ask: "Are you a gay Nazi or are you saying Nazis are gay?"

1 point

Depends on who I met. But I think what ricedaragh said is another viable option. :D

I don't know if you've noticed, but this site is primarily inhabited by militant atheists, who argue on the internet about everything. Most are devils advocates or militant in their political views. They have been too atomized as individuals in their debates and have developed extremeist stances on politics.

How would I expect them to act in real life? In reality, I would back off after my first peek through their smokescreen of openmindedness. You would too, unless you happened agree with them.

1 point

I would back off after my first peek through their smokescreen of openmindedness

Smokescreen of open mindedness? I don't know who you're referring to, but in my experience (which is not representative of everyone's) it is the theist who tends to be closed minded and that he will believe in god no matter what evidence is presented and so on...

I don't know if you've noticed, but this site is primarily inhabited by militant atheists, who argue on the internet about everything

This is a debate site, arguing is encouraged. If someone makes a political statement in real life, I for the most part don't care and leave it alone. Or even if they say they something about god's existence, I don't care and I leave it alone most of the time. Now, if they try to convert me to their political opinion or religious faith, then that is different. But then I wouldn't be the one provoking anything...

When you go on a debate site, where the primary purpose is to debate and argue your point, you tend to debate and argue your point. In real life, the purpose is not to debate people and argue your point, the point is to live and enjoy.