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Whatever your religion or politics, it has a price, it is infested with parasites

“Empires bought stability at the price of creating a parasitic court; monotheistic religions bought social cohesion at the expense of a parasitic priestly class; nationalism bought power at the expense of a parasitic military; socialism bought equality at the price of a parasitic bureaucracy; capitalism bought efficiency at the price of parasitic financiers.”


“The modern world is a history of ideas meeting, mixing, mating and mutating,” Dr. Ridley writes. “And the reason that economic growth has accelerated so in the past two centuries is down to the fact that ideas have been mixing more than ever before.”

This is so true

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Wait...., What? No!

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The optimists make a good case and have a good argument...., but I'm still a pessimist ;)

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Nice debate topic Joe

It seems to me that this is very true.

There is a famous sentence from "Death of a salesman" that says something similar

I think it goes something like: " within a mans dream lies his downfall"

I think this has very much to do with time. There is a right time for specific Ideas, but all Ideas have an expiary date.

I would love to hear somone argue for a specific idea and how it is never likely to become outdated. It would have to be an abstrakt idea (in other words it would be redundant to have this debate about "gravity" for example)

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