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When Libs call Trump Hitler


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Every day, I thank God that I'm not a liberal... Just saying.

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Spuds(1074) Disputed
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First off, the Israelis already established their capital in Jerusalem.. All Trump did was recognize it.. That isn't GIVING anybody ANYTHING..

You can give people respect. He did that. Libs? Not so much. They take the side of a far right wing religious death cult.

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justicebaker Disputed
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excon(15049) Disputed
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Hello Jew hater and science denier:

I'm gonna let you go.. I'm not gonna force our members to witness your recalcitrance once again.. If you've got to have the last word, you've got it..

excon, Jew, OUT!

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Avalanche(5) Disputed
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His most loyal supporters are celebrity white supremacists and American neo-Nazi groups.

The klan donated to Hillary's campaign. She took the money too. Her mentor, Robert Byrd, was a Grand Wizard. The avid supporters of Democrats are Islamic groups led by leaders who praise Hitler.

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Anomally(19) Disputed
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Lookie what we have here. Nom admitting that non practicing Jews are Jews. Got caught with his pants down again.

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