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Thanksgiving or sooner Thanksgiving or later
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When do you begin shopping for Christmas?

Thanksgiving or sooner

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Thanksgiving or later

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I usually start about the week before Thanksgiving. I do love Christmas shopping.

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I begin and end my shopping on Black Friday but I never venture into the stores on that crazy day. I make my list and shop online only so that everything is delivered on time with no muss or fuss. It's a great way to shop without ever leaving the house!

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JakeJ(3255) Disputed
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Wheres the fun in that!? It's all part of the experience kuk, all part of the experience. (;

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What can I do...I've got Mall Phobia!!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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LOL looks like I started a trend.

A lot of people shop before thanksgiving to avoid the crazy weekend after thanksgiving mall experience with the parking and the crowds rushing in early to catch the great sales.. I say it's all part of the experience. It doesn't GET better than that!

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Hahaha! I usually don't have money for Christmas shopping, but when I go with my mom and such, we usually shop during the last week before Christmas. My family is famous for procrastination in all forms. >.<

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