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 When does/should the "Christmas Season" officially start? (4)

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When does/should the "Christmas Season" officially start?

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I may be wrong but back in the day it didn't really start until around Dec. 1st.

But these days it seems to start the day after thanksgiving, and I'm okay with that. It's a great time to start especially with all of the great sales that weekend to start all the Christmas shopping.

But it seems like people get into Christmas earlier and earlier every year even before thanksgiving. It's like Christmas gets more popular and thanksgiving gets less popular every year.

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As soon as Lite FM changes to Christmas music (the day after Thanksgiving), I consider the Christmas season started. And i get filled with glee.

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I live in Australia and the "Christmas Season" usually starts at the beginning of October which kind of annoys me. Though we don't celebrate Thanksgiving in Australia, which makes sense, there are a large number of people that celebrate Halloween and so I think that the Christmas Season should at least wait until after Halloween before it officially starts.

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I think it should start the day after Thanksgiving. The Christmas Season is so exciting.

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