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 When forcing tax payers to pay school debt, what do you tell those who paid their debt? (6)

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When forcing tax payers to pay school debt, what do you tell those who paid their debt?

Democrats are ONCE AGAIN buying votes, telling irresponsible voters that their school debt will be forgiven if you VOTE FOR ME!
This debt forgiveness will of course be taken out of hard working American paychecks.

Here are a few questions to ask before voting for these corrupt Socialists stealing your money for votes...

What message does this send to the responsible students and parents, who stayed within their means, not taking out huge loans that could never be paid back. It sends the message that you can have your cake and eat it too! In every part of life, you simply live above your means because tax payers will someday be forced to pay you off.

What do you think will happen to tuition costs and enrollments in Colleges, when anyone can go there regardless the cost? As with everything else the Government touches, costs will skyrocket when subsidized by tax payers.

We are over 20 TRILLION in debt, so who will pay for all this free stuff? If you actually believe that only Rich people will pay for this... YOU TRULY NEED SERIOUS HELP!

What will this do to all the Valedictorians etc., who earned their spot in expensive Universities?

What person will want to keep paying off their school debt, if they now believe the debt might someday be forgiven?

Democrats are truly destroying the work ethic in this nation. They constantly push forth the no fault ideology whereby you are not responsible for the choices in your life.

The Left tells you... IT'S NOT YOUR FAULT when taking out those huge loans.
For all those responsible hard working students choosing less costly Colleges? You are saps!

This results of this Leftist Socialistic no fault ideology can be seen with so many people refusing to pay back debt from their Credit cards, automobiles, home mortgages, etc. etc.

Remember the so called great recession when Democrats told banks to give home loans to people with bad credit risks? How did that work out?

YOU will be paying to bail out spoiled dead beats choosing to live beyond their means, NOT RICH PEOPLE!

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I truly can not grasp the lack of common sense from those who would actually vote for these corrupt Democrat Socialists!

cumwithin(1) Banned
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When we now have elevators, what do you tell those who once had to use the stairs?

FromWithin(8239) Disputed
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We tell the hateful bigoted fools who have to keep creating alias debate names... I own you!

diebastard(11) Disputed Banned
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I own you!

It's not so surprising that you believe that since the bible condones slavery. But seriously how exactly do you "own" anyone here? You are not "owning" anyone as in defeating them, because you're just a brainless fucking retard who bans everyone who disagrees with you. You don't legally own anyone since the days of christians being allowed to own slaves is over, and even if I was your legal property that is literally just a social construct and nobody really can objectively "own" something, especially if that something is capable of smashing your skull and running away from you the second it gets the chance.

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When we now have elevators, what do you tell those who once had to use the stairs?

Nothing. We simply tell the elevator users to not be surprised that elevators are expensive and not free. Now enjoy your not free elevators.