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 When has a joke gone too far? (15)

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When has a joke gone too far?

Assuming you believe it can.

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Hitler(2364) Banned
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That depends on the fucking joke.

How long is a piece of string?

See how stupid the question is?

DrawFour(2662) Clarified
1 point

Could you explain how the two are the same. "How long is a sting" and "when has a joke gone too far" just so we're clear.

Hitler(2364) Disputed Banned
2 points

The string and joke are both things that can potentially be limitless in extent, the length/extent of the string/joke depends on the context of its use.

some point after the punchline?

or if you are joking about the jews...that would qualify as being anti semtic and totally unacceptable

When people get hurt. .

1 point

when people start hitting each other...or get in a fight...

Its good seeing you on the site again. Hows life treating ya :D

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Eyyyy there, mhmm life is killin meh -.- butt nothing i cant handle :3 nice talkin to you again though! ;) how is life treatin you?

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As soon as your joke was only a joke in your mind, and wasn't to others. Typically when the majority of people wouldn't laugh.

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Everyone has a different definition of 'too far'. Some people are more tolerant and less sensitive than others while some people do not take jokes very lightly. It all depends on the person, in my opinion. Personally, I am quite comfortable with jokes of any kind except for jokes about serious illnesses. I am also not a fan of ill-intentionally racist jokes.

When the content of the joke is about something tragic that has recently happened, then it should be off limits. Such as a 9/11 joke before the bodies are even cleared from the wreckage.

One can joke about the government's handling of it, the engineer of the building, but leave the victims out of it. They should be forever off limits.

Im a huge fan of dark humor. I understand alot of the stuff I laugh at can be offensive to someone. I really don't get offended easily but I know some people do so i try not to make those kinds of jokes.