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When partners divorce is it always just one person's fault?

Married people stay together for the best of reasons but when it comes to a divorce, do you believe it's only the fault of one partner or must both be involved in the reason (s) for it?

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Even in the case of adultery, it takes two to break a marriage. This has nothing to do with forgiveness it has to do with why one of the partners felt the need to go outside of the marriage for either physical or emotional uplifting. When there are problems in a marriage it takes two in order to recognize them and two to figure out how to best handle whatever the situation is. People also grow apart after some time together. It takes two to keep a marriage fresh and alive on a daily basis and watch the signposts on the road to trouble.

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I think that what you say is mostly true; however, in extreme cases, especially marital violence, it can be the fault of a single partner. Also, if a partner is lied to through the relationship and wants to terminate it due to discovery of said lie(s), then I think it can be the fault of a single partner.

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