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When voting on a political party, which matters more to you?

Fiscal Policy

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Social Policy

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Uhhhhh.... VB? Has someone hijacked your account? This is a normal debate is it not? I don't get it?

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I would say fiscal policy. I'm a centrist, but I consistently lean slightly to the right on the economy, so it's important that I pick parties carefully.

Side: Fiscal Policy
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I'd prefer to be to make my own decisions.

Fiscal policy is important in eliminating hierarchies and opening up competition (in that a Free Market will make it easier for small businesses to compete against the large corporations), but personally I'm not really a part of the business sector and therefore find social policy more important (i do drugs and write a lot of blasphemy).

However, it's very difficult to be liberated socially without being liberated fiscally. In the end, they almost go hand in hand. If you're not living freely, the government WILL take away your liberties and WILL disregard your right to your own property.

Side: Social Policy