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 When you see a Downs Syndrome child in the Mall, do you cover your kid's eyes & ears? (5)

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When you see a Downs Syndrome child in the Mall, do you cover your kid's eyes & ears?

I'm asking all the Left wing people on this site who voted for Hillary or other Democrats who support no restriction abortions of viable late term special need's babies. Do you cover your child's eyes and ears when you walk past a special needs child?

You must because you support killing them for merely being diverse and different from your kids. You must so fear people being different, that you support testing for their diversity in the late term stages of life, and if they find out the baby is special, you support the right to kill them.

I have been asking this same question for months with only one person spewing his profanity and insults towards what he called "retarded" people. He at least had the honesty to show us his intolerant inhumanity.
I am going to keep asking this question until you phoney hypocrites have the character and integrity to answer. I won't hold my breath because you are as deceptive as they come.

Liberals have been piously preaching to the world how they are the tolerant openminded ones. They supposely love diversity when it comes to their political correct groups who vote for Democrats, but when it comes to the diversity of our special need's babies, these inhuman hypocrites look the other way as they support killing them for simply being different.

Since you lack the honesty to admit what you support, I can only conclude you are ashamed of who you are and what you support, but lack the moral character to change your ways. You know the inhumanity of the politicians you elect, yet you vote for them just the same.

Grow a moral spine and quit being such inhuman hypocrites piously preaching to Conservatives how they are not tolerant and inclusive of diversity.

Conservatives support the right of life of these special need's babies. Conservatives are the true tolerant openminded inclusive ones, and make Liberals look like blood thirsty animals.

If you lack the guts to address what you support, you are admitting what I say is true.
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When they show the special olympics on tv, do you quickly turn the channel so your children will not be exposed to these diverse children?

This must be why they have almost erradicated these special needs children from some European nations. This way they don't have to change the channel and hide their children from diversity.

Hang on, do you honestly think that mothers who choose to abort Downs Syndrome children do so just because they're 'diverse' from other kids and they're repulsed by them?

Raising a special needs child can cost upwards of a quarter of a million dollars. The fiscal and emotional toll that it takes on a family and child is beyond enormous.

I know that this doesn't excuse for you what you see as murder, but when you say it's happening just because they "fear people being different," you are, to use one of your favorite words, horribly deceptive.

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What you obviously DON'T KNOW is that you are talking to someone who has family members with Down Syndrome children. Guess what? There were no huge costs to raise them.

It did not cost much more than any child. Those children love life and their families love them, and for people like you to support kiling them just because they are different from you, OR COST MORE?

Is that the value you put on a human life? MONEY?

When I speak to people supporting the abortion of viable special need's babies, I use the terminolgy of diversity and being different to show what complete hypocritical phonies they are.

The Left constantly preaches to Conservatives, saying how they are intolerant of diversity in people. HYPOCRITES!

The Left is far more intolerant of people who simply have an extra Chromosome. They support testing for them and then killing them. They are complete hypocrites to parade these special needs children across the Track field during special olympics, and behind closed doors making sure it is legal to kill them.

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This is just an argument about abortion, except it's filled with ad hominems.

FromWithin(8266) Clarified
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This is a debate showing all the phoney people on the Left what total hypocrites they are.

They constanty preach how they are the compassionate tolerant openminded inclusive ones, when in fact they like having late term testing for viable babies to see if they fit the correct type of diversity they want living in this world.


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You could still make a good argument without ad hominems. The name of the debate is also misleading.