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Whenever somebody says it’s time to heal and move on, should we?


We DESTROYED Nazism.  We DESTROYED Japanese imperialism.  For the most part, those ideologies are DEAD.  However, instead of DESTROYING the slaveholder philosophy,  we LET them keep it.

I suggest that the problems we're experiencing TODAY are a direct result of not DESTROYING our enemy's when we could. 

The U.S. "moved on" from Reconstruction, thereby inflicting freed slaves with 100 years of Jim Crow. The U.S. "moved on" from fascism after WW II.  Yet TODAY, 75 years later, fascism is once again, being inflicted upon the world. 

"Moving on" doesn't work.  It's time for DESTROYING our enemy once and for all..



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Forgive and forget

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Diehards and losers feel urged to cling to the past to either satisfy their fanaticism of events which belong to a bygone era or to extract some justification for their shortcomings in today's world.

Do I, or should I feel any guilt for the alleged sins of my fathers? No, I don't feel anything but deep pride for the scientific inventions and medical discoveries my predecessors made that have gone on to save millions of lives and given us most of the the conveniences of today's modern world.

Anyone who feels compelled to stoke up the ashes of a much harsher time of relative ignorance and different attitudes must suffer from a form of masochism.

It has been my experience that it is the great unwashed or those with ulterior motives who feel a compulsion to keep the hatreds of yesterday alive.

Note the social category of the insurgents storming the White House.

Note the acts of violence and destruction by the B.L.M., terrorist group.

A few thousand miles away in Northern Ireland we have the resurgence of Loyalist & Republican terrorists who are revisiting the bloodstained past and returning to the bomb and bullet all in an effort to justify their gangsterism and drug dealing.

Should we start sending in the B52s to bomb German cities for starting WW2 and the ensuing global carnage they caused including the slaughter of 6 million Jews?

Should we nuke Japan again for their sneak attack on Pearl Harbor and their horrific treatment of their allied Ps. O. W?

NO, we must see the world as it is now, recognize that in the main our enemies of yesterday are now our present day friends and allies.


Move on and allot yesterday to the history books.

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"Oh yeah, like we can just forget everything that happened and move on. Sure. You're just so silly.

I mean, why not just forgive them for killing millions of innocent people, destroying an entire country, and leaving it in rubble? Why not just say, 'We're best friends now, let's forget the past'?

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Black people are the ones who on average believe whites are more racist than they are, thus hold animosity towards whites and are effectively racist. 99% of whites are afraid to be seen as racist but not actually racist at this point.

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