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 Where are you on the theism-atheism spectrum (31)

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Where are you on the theism-atheism spectrum

1. I know he exists

2. I really think he exists- between 94- 70% sure.

3. Agnostic Theist- I don't know but I am more than 50% sure that he exists.

4. Agnostic- I don't know-If the theists were right- I know how-If the athiests were right- I know      how  

5. Agnostic Athiest-I don't know but I am more than 50% sure he doesn't exist.

6. I really think he does not exist- 70-90% sure.

7. I know he doesn't exist.


You can go in between the numbers for example: number "5.5"

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As a general rule, I'd say I'm a 5. But it really depends on definition of God is being used. I don't really believe in any of them, but a pantheistic God seems at least a little more logical to me than one that is separate from its creation, or one who is defined as having a human type personality.

I want to put a pic from my desktop but I don't know how. Help!

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Between 2 and 3.

That's interesting. What is your reason for this ?

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As I have stated before (on one of your debates, I think), the only excuse for religiosity - seeing how most, if not all, arguments are fallacious by their very nature - is personal experience/belief. I've always found myself with more reason to be a theist than an atheist.

basically i disagree that our father universe could have created a universe with a smaller amount of dimensions. (you know when two universes collide) And I think it makes more sense to state that because the grand number of dimensions in the multi-verse is 11 the universes themselves would have had 10 dimensions and collided and produced more and more other universes with 10 dimensions, so how do we see 2 dimensions and feel 3? the answer is what i told you before. this is reasoning another debate. The answer to that is hard to tell because it is about an experience so the feeling is indescribable. Just a tiny part I really feel life has a purpose. And also i watched many many documentaries explaining science behind God. So don't respond to my answer that it is not scientific etc. because it's something I as an individual feel and have experienced before. The documentaries were more influencing actually.

Also I cannot prove God 100 percent so yeah. I would be 1 if something undeniably miraculous happened.

I am on number 2 approximately. ..........................................................

I'm a 7. While most on this site are atheist, I do think I am the only gnostic one.

debateleader(1350) Clarified
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Wow, that's a strong decision, there is no way ever God can exist? Just a question. Or are you slightly less than 7?

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" there is no way ever God can exist?"

Not "God" as a entity no.

"Or are you slightly less than 7?"

No, I am a full gnostic atheist. I treat the status quo correctly and as such I cannot say an unjustified claim is "possible", that is the burden of the proposing party. I must treat the assertion as false until:

1:The axioms(pre-conditions for proof) are met.

2:Evidence supports a conclusion.

3:That conclusion goes against the status quo.

I think most in the world not Gnostic :) lol ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

ChuckHades(3197) Disputed
1 point

Really? Even I don't go that far. How do you know then ?

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I just hold to the status quo. No evidence towards a deity stands against reason, so I must treat the assertion as false. The status quo acts as knowledge until invalidated.

debateleader(1350) Clarified
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are you talking to me???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Ah, I remember that from the God delusion.


I'm almost certain. But I do not rule out the possibility that he does exist.

Lucky10279(8) Clarified
1 point

Why are you almost certain? It doesn't really make sense to think that He doesn't exist.

ChuckHades(3197) Disputed
1 point

1. Both the logical and evidential problem of evil.

2. God's violation of Occam's Razor.

3. Being raised in a Christian school, I actually grew to detest the very notion of God. I never understood why I was sent there, my mother is an atheist. With such dislike of the concept, I grew interested in the idea of atheism, researched some of the arguments, and am now almost certain that there is no God. It's weird, my beliefs kind of flowed like this.

Gnostic atheist-->agnostic--->agnostic atheist--->borderline gnostic atheist.

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I'm a four ^_^ I simply don't know, nor will I try to claim one way or the other.

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I would say sort of like an 8.

But I don't really rate my beliefs by probability. To me, the probability itself is unknowable, for we are talking about something that is unknowable.

I would say that I'm very post-theistic. I do not believe in God. I can't say that he, for sure, doesn't exist because that would be an arrogant claim and an anti-scientific claim. However, I can say that my disbelief and refusal to believe is very justified. That's all I really need.

My concern is for science and reasoning. I do not waste my time with the debate over whether God exists unless my Atheism is challenged. I prefer to look at Theism for what it has already done and contributed to the world. I prefer to try and get into the heads of Theists and even the starters of religions. My reasoning is for curiosity and interest in the mentalities of others and basically how society works.

So Post-Theism makes sense. I'm past all that debate on the topic, and for good reason. it makes no sense for me to believe in something like that, but others do, whatever. If you say I'm wrong or arrogant, I'll debate for the purpose of self-defense. Otherwise, it seems like a topic not worth going into. to me, it's like trying to convince someone that Star Wars is a work of fiction.

ChuckHades(3197) Disputed
2 points

What? Star Wars is not a work of fiction !

ThePyg(6737) Clarified
1 point

yeah, just like that.-----------------------------------------------------

Inbetween 6 & 7. I strongly reject the idea of any God, but I'm never going to assert that I'm right, unless I have unfalsifiable proof. And I don't really see that as happening in my lifetime, so I'll probably stay around the same place for the rest of my life.

I would guessed 5.9 .................................................................

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I know that God exists. All you have to do is look at the design of the universe to know that there HAD to be a creator.

Saurbaby(5579) Disputed
1 point

This isn't an actual debate. It's simply stating your belief.

And looking at the universe doesn't prove anything. Just saying.

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Since I can't prove 7... I'll go with 6.9

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Some gods seem at-least slightly, yet some gods seam absolutely fake. But all in all I'm leaning towards Atheism. So I'd say I'm a 4.6.