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Where did God come from?

The justification for why God exists usually is based on everything had to come from somewhere.  And when anyone proposes any answer other than God it gets dismissed as inferior to the God explanation.  But then where did God come from?  And before you say simply he always was, realize the cyclical reasoning at play there.  Something else could not have have existed forever, but yes God could.  Could there not be a creator of God(s)?  Could there not be a time or place or alternate reality where some sort of megaGod made the God you know?  Why does this anomaly of God's origin get a free pass on explanation?
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God comes from the same source as the big bang. The existence/occurrence of either of these two phenomena has never been properly explained.

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God comes from the human mind. He doesn't exist and was just created by the clergy and the Vatican in order to fraud people of money.

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Who is God? How can anybody answer this stupid question if you don't know who God is?

The "God" you are asking about is not God is he came from somewhere. This is one stupid question and you know God is God, and any "God" who came from somewhere is not God. Why do people ask stupid questions and then act like their ignorance proves they are smart?

How do you like me now?

Grenache(6103) Disputed
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All you provide is the same cyclical logic and argument by definition I preempted in the opening topic. You achieved nothing.

Saintnow(3684) Disputed
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You will remember I tried to tell you how you can be saved from Hell if you wake up in the fire with no way out. My words were not wasted, you will answer to God on Judgement day and know you rejected Him and got what you deserve in Hell if you won't repent and believe on the Lord Jesus Christ to be saved before your dying is finalized. I'm tired of your gibberish.

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Humans in general tend to see everything as a sequence of actions and consequences.

Because this sequence is never ending, you can keep asking "why did 'this' happen?", "it happened because 'that' happened", "ok then why did 'that' happen?" etc..

Science has allowed us to answer a lot of these questions but as the sequence goes back and back you end up with really really big questions like "how are we conscious?" and questions like these can't be fully answered by science.

Even before science and right through till now, the concept of God has existed as a way of humans being able to concretely end this sequence with "because God did it, and he is all-powerful" so to carry on the sequence with "but where does God come from?" kind of defeats the very point of the concept of God.

If you believe in him you do so because it is very comforting to believe that there definitely is an ultimate reason for everything and God is it.

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I think part of the misunderstanding is because no one can fully understand God. I think of it this way. From a quantum mechanical perspective, He lives in higher dimension meaning that there are more spatial dimensions than we can see. There is also at least one more time dimension making time at least 2 dimensional. What this means is that in His 2 dimensional plane, he could have a point anywhere on that plane and not have a starting point. Hope this helps

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I like to play on a few things when answering this question, though my answers are usually pretty much nonsense.


if matter cannot be created or destroyed, there was a crucial point in time in which that clearly must not hold true. not necessarily mind blowing by its self, but a fun notion to roll around.


If I was to postulate god to be as awesome as fuck, then I would argue that he comes to be at the end of time from the death of everything, then being all powerful can break the rule of time as he sees fit, going back to the beginning and time-paradoxing his way into existance.


if we're going to allow for the notion of god he's all powerful, and isn't directly observable. maybe because he exists as part of space time that we can't perceive. whatever the reason is, supposing that he's not directly tied to this universe is really the only reasonable way forward. so, in a sense, I would say "he never existed" but that didn't prevent him from putting fingers in the world.


it's kind of a cop out, but if you have a glass of water on the table and someone stomps nearby, observing specifically the glass all you can say for certain is that the water moved. I view god a bit in this way. science can tell us the water moved but god may or may not have been at play since science only observes water.


back to the provided question, just because there was no water in the glass here doesn't mean that the one doing the stomping didn't exist before the water.

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If you still have an interest in knowing a possible answer to this paradox, I have posted a video explaining my solution to this paradox at

and the video is from a website called .

Where did God come from?
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The key to understanding the origin of God involves the answer to the question, "Could God have created time itself?" For once you recognize that God could never have created time itself from within a completely timeless realm, then the answer to the origin of God becomes simple.

Consider this idea.

"If time itself is naturally eternal with no actual beginning, then if time itself ever became alive as 4-dimensional Living Spacetime, then the resulting living being would be just as naturally eternal as time itself and have no true beginning either--a newly alive eternal God."

Thus, if a naturally eternal entity with no beginning ever transitioned into being alive, the resulting life form would also be naturally eternal with no beginning either, just like God. So I suggest that God's Holy Spirit is literally composed of four-dimensional Living Spacetime. (See

The proof of this idea involves the logical impossibility of God being able to initially create time itself. Consider the following:

If God created time itself, then God must have originally existed within a completely timeless realm. However, God could never have created time itself from within a completely timeless realm. Nor could God have created anything else from within a completely timeless realm either, because time itself must pre-exist any and all actions or thoughts, including God's own thoughts and actions. So without the existence of time within a timeless realm, God could neither create anything nor even think anything. Therefore, since time itself must have pre-existed any of God's thoughts and actions, then God could never have existed within a completely timeless ream in order to create time in the first place. The inevitable conclusion is that God could never have created time itself.

Therefore, since time exists and since time could never have been created by God, then time itself must have pre-existed God. And since God could never have created HIMSELF either, then our eternal God had to have literally emerged FROM (and therefore literally come FROM) time itself. Therefore God's Spirit must be 4-dimensional Living Spacetime!

This is most likely why (in Revelation 22:13) Jesus did NOT say, "I CREATED the BEGINNING and the END", or "I existed BEFORE the BEGINNING and the END", because God could NOT have created time or existed before time. However, as 4-dimensional Living Spacetime Jesus would naturally say, "I AM [literally] the BEGINNING and the END" (Revelation 22:13) because Jesus is LIVING TIME. So when Jesus says, "I AM the BEGINNING and the END", I believe Jesus is actually saying, "I AM [literally] the LIVING PAST, THE LIVING PRESENT and the LIVING FUTURE".

So GOD'S HOLY SPRIT is composed of 4 dimensional Living Spacetime.

(See for 6 essays that cover the complete details of the mechanism by which time itself could have become alive as an eternal God with no beginning.)

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God escaped from Lianfairpwllgwyngyll.

In welsh that means;- St., Mary's church in the hollow of the white hazel near to the fierce whirlpool of St, Tysilio of the red cave.

Got it?