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Where do you stand on the Political Compass test?

So, this "test" (although, it's really more of an assessment) is meant to judge where you overallly stand on political issues (though, it also encompasses social and economic questions).

The link is thus,

 Current Comparison Chart:



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To be honest, I think the political compass test is inaccurate. My girlfriend and I have identical views except for a few minor things.

I took the test and got a (-8,-9) or (-9,-9) and she got a (-2,-2) and other people who views very similar to mine got very different scores. Just my opinion/experience, but I wouldn't take the test to seriously. But hey, the chart maker thing is pretty cool.

Correction, I got a (8,-9) or (9,-9) I can't remember exactly.

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This is my result:;=-6.10

Also, for comparisons, once you've finished the test, it'll tell you the coordinates of where you ended up at, you can input them here to see not only where you stand, but others:;=Cynical&newec;=0. 25&newsoc;=-6.10

Also, to those lazy people, here's the test link, again, since the only above isn't clickable:

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We are practically identical.

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I've taken this hundreds of times but I'll take it again for the sake of accuracy to me at present.

I shall be replying to this with my result in about 10 minutes.

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Huh... intriguing.

Exceptionally close to mine, enough that the two overlap on the comparison chart.

1 point;=0.92

I don't know how accurate this is, but more or less I suppose.

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Right-wing libertarian... interesting.

What were the exact coordinates, though? Care to input them on the comparison chart? If not, I could, if you can me them.

Del1176(4967) Disputed
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You are wrong in stating that he was libertarian for he was in center of authoritarian versus libertarian scale.

VecVeltro(412) Clarified
1 point;=9.1,0.9&newname;=Cynical&newec;=0.25&newsoc;=-6.10

Like this? This is the accurate one, the previous link sent me towards libertarianism.

My co-ordinates were 9.12/0.91 - It's on the previous link too, you can verify.

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It's kind of interesting. We are almost completely opposite.

VecVeltro(412) Clarified
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I guess that means we're mortal enemies haha .

1 point;=-3.90

But the thing is... the answers for many of those questions would depend on the situation and other factors, it is not and would not be simply agree or disagree in real life.

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Of course. An online test can only get a certain point of accuracy. That being said, however, I believe the Political Compass test to, at least, be one of the more accurate online tests, in existence.

Updated the chart, by the way.

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I am (-8,-2). I took it another day and I was slightly more authoritarian scoring a 1, but that just depends on the mood which strikes me.

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i cant link it for some reason, but i am 7 squares to the right and 6 squares up

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Looks like you're the second most right-wing politically aligned; first is Vecveltro. Kozlov is apparently the most left-wing aligned person, on the site.

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Yeah... I would have thought I'd be a little further south and a little more to the west, right in the middle of purple, but it's not too far off.

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and i'm the most central so far.

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Hey we are almost exact opposites if you look at my earlier post:;=3.54

Left wing libertarian. Economic: -2, social: -3...................

(-2, -2) I'm close to Ghandi it would seem. XD

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Why am I not that board? Can you tell me where I am, Cynical?

Mine is -3.50, -3.33, apparently.

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Like any moral person, I am a liberal. .

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I am

Economic Left/Right: 6.75

Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -5.64