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Where is the line between interest and obsession?

I'm talking about THE line. The closest point between not obsessed and obsessed?

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For CreateDebate, the line occurs right at the end of this page: Most CreateDebate Points. Those on that page are obsessed; those not on it are simply interested. :P

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Hi Kuul! Not necessarily! Take a person like myself as the example. I am home 24/7 and am disabled. I spend a fair amount of time on the computer since it is tantamount to acting as my life-line to the world. I have much time on my hands, but I am the exception rather than the rule. You never know why a person has so many may very well be obsession or bordering on one. It may very well be their pleasure in life to simply debate at the expense of other hobbies they may or may not find fulfilling.

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Yeah, I just bought a PS-3 so I guess I'll be doing that for a while now ;)

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interests don't suck all the life out of you.

While interests can change the way you act and the way you live your life (for example, taking an interest in eco-friendly products changes the types of products you buy), an obsession can change you for ways unhealthy to both your mind and body.

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I think that when someone is obsessed with something they lose touch with everything else around them. Like if I become obsessed with playing video games I will put off homework chores and playing real sports as I am lost in my own little world of lets say WOW. Interest is me taking 1 hour to 2 hours out of my day playing a video game and still have plenty of time to do my chores homework and play tennis.

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When an interest causes you to neglect your personal hygiene, it has become an obsession.

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While that is the extreme it can happen but losing the want of cleanliness can also happen when a person suffers great anxiety and severe or clinical depression. ;-)

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The line between interest, albeit great, and obsession lies in the priority one gives it. When you begin to trade-in things that also give you pleasure which you would normally do in a day, a week, a week-end you are then headed for obsession. When you begin to be reminded that you're NOT doing the things you are supposed to be doing in order to keep your life in order, you are headed for obsession. Obsession and addiction are partners of sorts so be careful to balance your life in a way where it's not tipped in any one direction. Balance is key.

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So then what are the differences between obsession and addiction??? What are the "priorities" you speak of, and how do you determin wether or not one or more of these priorities are not a free man's (not literally directed at men) obsession?

Are obsessions and/or addictions acceptable as a priority if you can maintain stability with them? Also, does proximity to danger have something to do with stability, or in other words, do the odds of a stable life becoming unstable change the "stability" of any given situation. Ah, as an example, is one were to do something that would greatly jeopardize their way of life, but that thing was balanced within the life, does that likelyhood of instability alone bring to the life instability?

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There are certain ingredients of life we must have if we are to be in balance with ourselves. They have no particular order of importance but each is equally important. For example, if you were to write these nine things down on a 3X5 card giving them virtually equal space (in blocks) you will see exactly what I mean. These are the ingredients: Personal Growth, Relationships, Friends, Leisure, Work, Higher Self (Alone Time), Family, Hobby, Contribution (to the betterment of mankind). You may substitute Study for work and what have you...whatever applies to your life/world. Each of these things needs to be balanced within your life in order for life not to become lop-sided. Now, that is not to say that at times in one's life one must devote more energy and time than they normally would or could but those are exceptions.

Now, each of these things alone can be brought to obsession by devoting an inordinate amount of time to it and virtually ignoring something one finds expendable. When one does that, it throws the entire field out of balance and chaos rears its head until things are once again in sync or balanced. As an example...See what happens when there is a close family member that is gravely ill. It changes everything for everyone.

Obsession is something you can choose to be without or curtail. Addiction has none of the choices we like to have in life because addiction becomes your life. Many people have obsessive/compulsive disorders and can have stability, such as a job, in their lives to a point. Many addicts hide their addictions so well that no one would ever know anything was wrong until they hit their bottom with it all. Both obsession and addiction is about not caring about anything else other than those things. An addict, however, is more prone to lose it all and justify it. I mean a marriage, children, a home, family members, work and anything else they have in order to pay for their addiction. Obsessiveness does not necessarily cost all those things but one...FAMILY!

Maintaining stability within obsession is extraordinarily difficult. It can be done but you must calculate the cost and be willing to pay it. In my opinion there cannot be stability within obsession. By its very definition, obsession IS unstable. When you speak of proximity to danger, I don't quite know what type of danger you are speaking of, however, it most certainly can have something to do with stability if you are cognizant of the danger and its degree. Hypothetically the stable life becoming unstable may very well rest on any given situation...depending on how it impacts the obsession or addiction. Your last question is a very interesting one. Jeopardizing one's way of life is not necessarily a terrible or destabilizing factor. It can be just the opposite. Again, hypothetically...let's assume you are a Professor of Philosophy at an Ivy League school and have been so for 20 years. You call me and say Chris, I'm quitting my job, packing my clothes and moving to the Island of Sylt in the North Sea! Why would you do that when you have a life here that is stable, make good money, kept a good portfolio, and have hundreds of friends that you'd be leaving...blah, blah, blah? Because the North Sea is beautiful, not polluted and the way of life there is a simple one. I want to open a guest house to preserve its way of doing things there and buy up some of the unprotected land so that no Hotel chain can ever come to build there! Yes, you would jeopardize your life as you know it and everyone you know will think you're insane but will it make you unstable? No because for your life, at that juncture, it makes great sense to you and it's something you would love to do instead of teaching the same thing for another 20 years.

I truly hope I've answered some questions for you. If not...the lines are always open if I've misunderstood something you were asking. Life is about balance...and one must change priorities as life unfolds. No life is static.

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I think that when you have to seriously change what you normally do for an "interest", it becomes an obsession.

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Well, I'm new so I have like 3 points right now! haha!!!!

I guess we'll have to see where this goes!!!!

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