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 Where is this "Gay Community"? (37)

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Where is this "Gay Community"?

People always talk about how they hate gays and the gays' problematical existence
So why don't they just go blow up the community?
It should be easy to find because the gays' are always flaunting it's existence.
Honestly, I'm not for the death of Gays, but it's quite confusing as to why I haven't heard of this "Gay Community" being raided by homophobes.
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DKCairns(868) Banned
3 points

You are asking the unanswerable because the reference to "community" is a sociological rather than geographical term that simply means a group of people who have common interests and attitudes who are dispersed within the broader community.

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You tell me that it's unanswerable, then answer by telling there isn't one, then turn around and say there is one??!!

Sir and/or mam, I believe that you are trapped in a state of psychosis.

DKCairns(868) Disputed Banned
2 points

You are confused because you have not grasped the dynamic nature of the many uses of the word "Community"

You required a map reference - the explanation to that is quite logical - there isn't one

The "community" you refer to is dispersed throughout the entire human race.

1 point

I hear that it's located somewhere in California.

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I self identify as an orange squid fungus. Prove me wrong. *

1 point

be given an island and removed from heterosexual society and placed there to frolic in their gayness. We can call it the gay isle.

instig8or(3308) Disputed
1 point

They would only last 1 generation, lmao.

Aspire(62) Disputed
1 point

;) yup.

31337(560) Disputed
1 point

Maybe? Or maybe they will realize that they need to reproduce to survive and through the process of this, they'll find out how good heterosexuality feels, thus curing gayness.

Boom. Gay Cure.

1 point

Isnt' that what caused the spread of AIDS back in the day, and still does......*

Iulmi(252) Disputed
0 points

You mean, like the old Lesbos? It looked like a fun place.

You want an heterosexual society? Go to the Vatican. Plenty of heterosexual men ;)

1 point

Essentially what you said was...

"Being gay is okay, but when religious men are gay it's disgusting and vile".........

1 point

No idea but wherever they are I'd nuke him. KaBOOM bye bye rofl.

1 point

I don't click weird links.

Please post an image of a map, with the location of this "Gay Community" marked on it.

instig8or(3308) Disputed
1 point

Oh you are hellno. Okay then. :)

1 point

Everybody clicks weird links. Don't be a knuckle dragging chimpanzee. Now put your pink panties back on and click the weird link like a real man...

Gays are intelligent. They know how to upstage the homophobes.

1 point

They can't even figure out which of the 48 genders they are. Do you really want them dictating to us science, politics, or culture?

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The homophobes would likely resort to illegal means such as assault and/or terrorist attacks.

The gays would intelligently bait them to get even angrier and then manipulate the media to support them and make whatever the homophobes did seem even worse.

1 point

So you hate Islam, and so should every gay man or woman on planet Earth.

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It does not exist; it is a myth fabricated by extremist bigots and naive activists.

1 point

If that is true, then why has such a conspiracy become so widespread? It's all over the media.

Jace(5211) Disputed
2 points

The majority of people adopt their views without much critical thought, so it is hardly surprising that many people frequently possess inaccurate or unfounded beliefs. As for the media, they make their money by catering to those same people and consequentially have never been a reliable source of truth.