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Go Barack!!!! What has he done!
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Where, o where, did ole' Rick go???

Ok, here I go...

I can't wait till January 20th!!!! Surprised

Yea, I, the one who's username is Repubgal, is excited for Obama. Smile Laughing(I really like smilies!)

I'm sure it isn't that diffucult to see why...Rick Warren. I have always appreciated Rick Warren and agree with him completely. Good for Obama. Now, even though I haven't been on here as of late, I can see that there wasn't an uproar from the strong democratic partyUndecided. Obama invited a speaker that is denouncing homosexuals! Not that he ever said that he was pro same sex, but doesn't it bother you that he was too afraid of voicing his opinion in the first place. Since the election Obama has made it quite clear that he doesn't support gay marriages. The rest of the democratic world was very angry, why didn't I see that on Create-Debate?? Did I miss something here? I saw maybe two debates on the topic..I don't understand. I am very proud of Obama. Now that I see that he is not the man he first seemed to be, I am ok with him in office.....

Now, this may be a little late for this, but please amuse me. I need to know! Haha..LaughingTongue out

I am asking, what do you think about Obama's choice. Out of everyone he could have had speak, aren't you suprised at.....RICK WARREN! Surprised(seriously, I ♥ smilies.) haha...

Go Barack!!!!

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What has he done!

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Despite what you may have been told, Obama does not represent a radical shift to the left, but rather a return to sensible, middle of the road government.

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I wasn't sure about this until I did some research-

I have searched and searched-

no where can I find Barack directly opposing gay marriage...

He seemed to play neutral. He seemed to be afraid to directly speak out against gay marriage. If you can find Obama opposing gay rights COMPLETELY, let me know...

Until then, I am both proud and disappointed in Barack...

I love Rick's values, but Obama should have had the guts to avidly speak against gay rights.

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It was out there during the entire campaign every day. He has never opposed Gay Rights per-se and that was also out there every day. Why should he have "the guts" to avidly speak out against something that he does believe in to a great extent. He does believe in Civil Unions and also the rights that every person has whether straight or gay. Here is the video from You Tube as well!

Supporting Evidence: Religion and Politics 2008 - Both Candidates (
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well, i don't think it's that big of a deal. Obama is and always has been against gay marriage, so what's the surprise?

do i agree with most of America when it comes to gay marriage? of course not. but i've learned to accept that Americans suck at finding the middle way out of shit like this.

if it were up to me, i'd have Maddox give a speech for my victory.

Side: What has he done!

I'd vote for you (;

Side: What has he done!

I don't know why he chose this particular person to give the Invocation but I think it is a slap in the face to every gay American that this man stand there and invoke the name of God in prayer for this President. He might have chosen any number of clergy whose track record is one of a world more accepting of Gay people so as to negate the disenfranchisement all Gays may feel when Warren stands at the podium/lectern. I don't know who has been chosen to deliver the Benediction but if Warren stands as the deliverer of the Invocation, I can only hope it would be someone with an opposing view to deliver the Benediction.

The above was the same response I gave to the last debate on this topic

I don't think the Dem's got crazy about this because they know that Barack was never for Gay Marriage and there is simply nothing they can do about his choice. There's nothing new under the sun here.

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