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 Where's the outrage to all this LGBT hysteria and forced affirmative action? (18)

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Where's the outrage to all this LGBT hysteria and forced affirmative action?

We are watching the greatest most free nation on earth being assimilated from within, all under the guise of Politcal Correctness, and so many saying little about it. How many years will you sit by and politely say nothing while radical poitical correct LGBT groups usurp our freedoms?

Here's a little history lesson for those who care...

As with most causes, they start out with good intentions. People understandably wanted to live their lives with no fear of being bullied & hated for what they did in the bedroom. Most Americans understood that as a free nation, we the people wanted smaller Government. We wanted to keep the thought police out of our bedrooms. America was founded on the freedom to disagree, the freedom to believe what you wanted, the freedom of religious expression, the freedom of speech, the freedom to live as you choose, as long as it did not impinge on other's freedoms.

So in the beginning, this LGBT movement had valid claims. There were legitament issues of concern such as Gay partners having visitation rights in hospitals, desires for non discrimination laws protecting people from losing their jobs for being Gay, etc.

As with most things, it became political. The Left in the Democrat Party saw much more than common sense non discrimination protections we could all come together on. They saw votes! They saw money! They saw power! They saw yet one more identity group to be wielded as a political sword. They saw DIVISION which translates into VOTES!

So from good intentions and common sense legislation, this is what it has now come to...

We have non stop LGBT hysteria through out our media. You can no longer watch a family TV program, such as "The Voice", with your children, without them being bombarded with testimonies from of Gays and Transgenders. It's a singing competition, and no one needs to learn about the contestant's sexuality. This is outright conditioning of our children's minds in our homes! This is very controversial! Try having some respect for parents!

The Democrat Party can not give a speech without pandering to LGBT groups.

The Democrat Party is trying to FORCE EVERY SINGLE PUBLIC SCHOOL to allow boys, who think they are girls, into our daughter's sports! This mandate would deny the freedom of parents in communities all over America to disagree! The Left not only wants to force your school to capitulate, but that you have no school choice alternatives! They want your child's mind! The Teachers Union has truly become a political tool to condition our children!

These Leftwing LGBT groups forced North Carolina to change their bathroom policies or be denied the right to hold NAA basketball tournments! This is Big Brother Thought Police in action!

These Leftwing LGBT groups, with the help of the Democrat Party, forced every single State to change their marriage laws, regardless that the people in those States did not agree. Big Brother Thought Police!

Now we are watching the next evolutuion of LGBT extremism. These Big Brother powers to be are going to tell every company on the Stock exchanges, who they MUST HIRE in their Board Rooms, or be thrown off the exchanges!

Where is the outrage? What has happened to Americans who sit by year after year, watching our children being used as guinea pigs, watching our individual freedoms being taken from us, all to further a political movement. You have become the low end voter who wants more free stuff from Government, but at a very high price... your freedoms!

It's quite amazing watching these Political Correct activist groups asking for respect, and then forcing their will on all people through the courts. Is this how you think you can garner respect? Respect is earned! You must first give respect to others before you can ever expect it in return. We all have the right to our beliefs. We all have the right to believe what the Science of Biology teaches us in regards to our body's natural sexual design. You want to live as you choose? Go for it, but don't you dare try to force our children, and our nation, to agree with your notions of sexuality. We all have our own minds and our freedoms to believe the Science of Biology.
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thats a lot of words. brain too small, pp too big

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How can they specifically hire someone from the LGBT community if it is illegal to ask a person what their sexual preference is during the hiring process? Do you think someone from that particular community has a neon sign on their forehead proclaiming they are gay? Or do you possibly think it's more to protect those who already have a job from being fired because they are gay?

Of COURSE you are going to hear people talk about their lives on shows like The Voice. I mean, how often do you hear someone talking about how they met their wife or husband and have kids? It's no different. Do you think someone talking about their relationship that happens to be heterosexual means they are trying to indoctrinate our kids into that lifestyle? Of course not.

YIsRisenLord(1200) Clarified
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Sir.Ma'am/GenderNeutral, we are wondering, if you swing from the chandeliers holding a flamethrower, at midnight? You do? You start, tomorrow.

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Does it have to be a chandelier? Can I say....slide down a bannister while wielding a flamethrower at 1am?

I am praying for the right words to say, what I respectfully petition government, for redress of greivances, on behalf of any faith community.

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I won't take you seriously until you're able to spell "legitimate."

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I wonder if there are any debaters on this site who actually care that the Democrat Party and their LGBT base are trying to force every Company on the Nasdaq and other exchanges to hire Gay people on their Board of directors, even if they are not the best qualified.

Where is the outrage to this corrupt authoritarian takeover of our private companies? Do you want to live in a world where LGBT activists force themselves into positions of leadership so they can force their political correct mandates on all the workers, and get preferential treatment when it comes to promotions and job openings.

When they get in position of control, they will funnel hundreds of millions into Democrat elections. as we see happening in all the Social media companies. Now you know why Democrats can't give a speech without pandering to LGBT groups.

Do you care?

I wonder if there are any debaters on this site who actually care that the Democrat Party and their LGBT base are trying to force every Company on the Nasdaq and other exchanges to hire Gay people on their Board of directors, even if they are not the best qualified.

I'm not disagreeing but..., people who are not the best qualified have moved up the corporate ladder. So if one more gets to move up, oh well ;)

mrcatsam(662) Disputed
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There aren't really. And no, we don't care.*88

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