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Where were you on 9/11? (survey)

This is not a debate. The anniversary is comming up in a few days and I just thought that it would be cool to look back on that day and remember. 

1. Where where you? 

2. What where you doing? 

3. How old where you? 

4. How did you feel?

5. What was the worst thing you remember about that day?  

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1. Where where you? My house...I woke up and saw it on the news. I think my mom was already watching it.

2. What where you doing? ...watching the news. :P Telling my sister about it.

3. How old where you? I'm skipping this one, 'cause I don't want to tell my age online.

4. How did you feel? surprised, probably patriotic after a little while. x_x

5. What was the worst thing you remember about that day? The fact that it caused the airport to neglect my brother's right to travel.

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1. I was in 5th grade in school. After I got home, my family and I went to Atlantic Highlands, NJ to a lookout point that enabled us to see past the Verrazano Bridge and right onto Manhatten. There, I found a rock and still have it to this day and look at it in rememberance. I didn't see the actions, but I did see the aftermath there. My brother also took a video from that spot:

2. We didn't do any work that day. A lot of us sat in the classroom and the teachers put on a movie for us to watch. I had no idea about 9/11 at the moment. All I knew was that a lot of kids were going home early.

3. 5th grade, so 10 years old.

4. Very confused and sad. My brother has a video of our time at Atlantic Highlands and I kept asking what was happening and why they did it.

5. Even though my dad worked nowhere near Manhatten, I worried that he was somehow involved in the incident and might have been hurt. But my mom fixed that quickly. Very sad day. :(

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Gosh, that must have been awful...thinking your dad could have died, and being in that part of the country when it happened. I live nowhere near New York, so it didn't hit me as hard.

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1. UNLV.

2. I was wondering why no one was there. And thought they were pulling my chain about what happened until I went home and saw the news.

3. I was 22.

4. Worse part is pretty obvious. Outside of the general sadness of that many people all dying needlessly at the same time, my little bro got a little overly excited (he was only 18) - a bunch of friends were over at my apartment and drinking a little talking it through, my bro decided unfortunately to call McCarren Airport from my phone and ask for two tickets to Afghanistan so we could kick Osama's ass...

People were a bit crazy I guess, and everyone knows airports don't look at content but only keywords of a sentence, so I spent some time on a watchlist because of a phone call from my address containing the words "plane ticket" and "Osama" on the same day as the terrorist attack ._.

5. I felt pissed. It's hard to really get sad about people one does not know, I was genuinely and rightfully pissed though that 1. there are people in the world so twisted that they see killing a group of innocent people as a good thing. 2. that some guy who lives in a cave could pull something like this on the most advanced nation in the history of the world. Honestly, it made me realize that we really aren't that much different than the cavemen we started as all and all, which was upsetting.

1. Where where you?

I was a fourth-grader at an intermediate school about half an hour from Manhattan.

2. What where you doing?

I don't remember anything in particular. It was a normal day. I didn't even know anything was wrong until I came home and my mother sat my brother and I down on the lawn. It was such a beautiful, sunny, warm day.

3. How old where you?

I was two months and five days shy of being nine.

4. How did you feel?

I was confused. I didn't understand. It was beyond comprehension.

5. What was the worst thing you remember about that day?

The next day was the worst. Teachers were crying in the hallways, and the children were gossiping, as children will do. I remember one girl claiming the Ku Klux Klan was responsible. Oh, nine-year-olds.

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"4. How did you feel?

I was confused. I didn't understand. It was beyond comprehension."

I know exactly what you mean. My brother took his camera with him to the lookout point and I saw that video footage within the past year. I just kept asking my mom why this was happening and I just couldn't understand the meaning behind it all.

It sounds cliche, but I honestly couldn't wrap my mind around what was going on. I suppose at that age we really can't understand something so big.

1. Where were you? I had just driven to an appointment I had with a potential buyer of our product.

2. What were you doing? As I walked into the house the woman I was supposed to be meeting was saying something about the World Trade Tower being hit but she didn't know if it was true...neither did I.

3. How old were you? 55

4. How did you feel? I felt afraid that it was true and when we saw the second plane hit the towers I ended my meeting with her and went home.

5. What was the worst thing you remember about that day? Once knowing it was true I worried about my brother whose office was right next door to the WTC. I had no word from him until that night when he told me he saw the second plane hit just as he had come outside to see about the first attack. All he remembers was running like the devil in the other direction. A terrible day for our country and all those innocent people who died.

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1 & 2. I was at Farine Elementary School in Irving, Texas. I remember walking out of the classroom to go to the computer lab and seeing the TV with live footage of a burning building. For some reason I remember thinking it was just some local building in Dallas or something. Then we were just in the computer lab alone, the teachers where being weird walking around and whispering. Later that day the vice principle told us what happened.

3. I was 11 and in the 5th grade. I remember struggling to understand why it happened. Why would somebody do that. A generation of 5th graders where forced to learn about terrorism and war.

4. I admit that I wasn't sad. I didn't know anyone that died. I remember thinking that I would tell people about it in the future kind of like my parents told me about what they where doing when Kennedy was shot. I was mainly confused.

5. I came home from school and the news was on showing footage of a parade in some eastern country. They where calibrating and tarring an American flag to pieces.

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I live on the west coast, so when it happend I had just woken up and turned on my radio in the shower.

I've listened to the same morning talk show for years, and they broke the news to me. I didn't even realize the severity of the situation. When I got out of the bathroom I went into the kitchen and told my mom. She gasped, but that's all I remember he doing.

I went to school, I was in the first months of the 8th grade at the time. We watched the news during every period. My history teacher said that, from now on, not a day would go by that we would not think about 9/11... For me, there have been plenty.

I did not know anyone who died. I went to school with a girl who's aunt died at the Pentagon. But really very few people wig ties to the Bay Area died, in all.

I see 9/11 as a bad day... But I also recognize that other countries and cultures go through a lot worse a lot more often. We should focus on our good fortune that we are still grieving over one day, 8 years later...

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1. Where where you?

Just got to school, it was maybe 5am, I attended marksmanship at 5am to 6am every morning, class started at 8:31am, I watched the second hit in ROTC.

2. What where you doing?

Waiting for class to start, the school was dead silent, no planes in the sky, everyone was gathered around the radio and television.

3. How old where you?

I was 16.

4. How did you feel?

I was confused, at the time we didn't know what happened, I thought it was odd that everyone already suspected this terrorist group so quickly... I didn't trust it, so I assumed it could be any other nation, or some form of domestic terrorism, though I wasn't too fond of terrorism at all at that point, I thought it was just a stupid word they made up because they did something terrible. I was a marksman in ROTC, as I've said, so I was thinking about a draft. I was ranked #1 marksman in all of California (out of every school in California with an ROTC program), so I was afraid they would look at me and say "You're a sniper, grab you're gear, you're being pushed out to boot camp immediately..." I was pissed though, I sort of wanted that to happen. I couldn't believe what I was seeing every time I walked by a television.

5. What was the worst thing you remember about that day?

Fear through confusion, unsureness about a lot of things...

1. In bed, at home, it was really early in the morning here.

2. Sleeping.

3. 8, 3rd grade.

4. Confused.

5. The feeling and awkwardness of the conversation at school that day with the teacher.

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I was 16, a junior in high school.

I had an alarm clock radio that woke me up that morning, and the radio-hosts were saying something about it, but I was still half asleep and didn't pay much attention.

Then in first period the teacher from next door came over and told our teacher to turn on the t.v. He told us what had happened. We all just watched the news report and thought about it.

It really didn't affect me much emotionally.

To be honest, a small part of me felt excited, like, "Oh man, real life action. Epic power stuggles might be going down." But I think most hormonal teenage males secretly desire a world of chaos and conflict.

Later that day I was in another class with access to the internet and I ended up on Yahoo News. I saw a comment posted there by some random person saying that we should take "immediate military action" and that "nuclear weapons should be considered." That comment got to me. I knew that nukes probably wouldn't be used, but the fact that I couldn't say that for sure made me wonder about humanity's future.

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"But I think most hormonal teenage males secretly desire a world of chaos and conflict."

That's not just males. >_< I may have experienced that on 9/11, I'm not sure, but I have experienced that emotion many times. I like the way a friend of mine describes it: "Sometimes you just want shit to go you can walk around in a post-apocalyptic world and be like....'shit went down. :)'"

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Well that makes me feel better. ...wait, no it doesn't! :)

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1. Where where you? In the Heathrow airport

2. What where you doing? Getting ready to come to Aus and then we had to sleep in the airport because of the crash

3. How old where you? 9

4. How did you feel? confused, didnt know what was going on

5. What was the worst thing you remember about that day? my mum crying

1. Where where you? Ft. Wayne, Indiana

2. What where you doing? Getting ready for work

3. How old where you? old

4. How did you feel? I told my wife, "This means war." She said, "The democrats will never go for it." I said, "Oh, yes they will. You wait and see."

5. What was the worst thing you remember about that day? I couldn't get a plane out of Indiana and get back home.

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1. Where where you? Sitting in my class room in the 5th grade

2. What where you doing? I think we were going over our basic math like adding subtracting etc.

3. How old where you? 11

4. How did you feel? I wasn't sure what was going on but I know I was scared

5. What was the worst thing you remember about that day? Thats when my panic attacks started, ever since then I get really bad panic attacks.

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1. At home

2. Dad woke me up

3. 3rd grade maybe 8 or 9

4. was not really sure what was happening

5. when the second plan hit the tower

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I was helping the Jews and George Bush cover up the fact that THEY are responsible and the terrorists (freedom fighters) were actually the true victims of it.

Yep, I'm admitting that I am part of the Israeli conspiracy to destroy the Middle East and help Bush make money.

Awen27(541) Disputed
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Although I don't know much about this, but I do understand that the Zionism stuff wasn't really a good thing. However, I would never say that those who bombed the world trade center were victims or freedom fighters; they killed a lot of innocent people. People who had nothing to do with the taking of their land. Nothing you say about Bush or Israel is going to change the fact that innocent people, that had nothing to do with what they were mad about, were killed.

ThePyg(6706) Disputed
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this wasn't meant to be taken literally.

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Yep, someone down votes this as well. I guess they can't handle the truth about Bush.

Side: sorry pyg