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Beach Mountains
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Where would you prefer to go camping in June?

This is a stupid debate, I'll admit it. 

But I can't decide where to take my boyfriend for his birthday. >_< 

So which would you prefer? And give me reasons please :)


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Beach, because it seems like a fun, relaxing time.

The mountains seem like fun but more work!

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Beach! i had a great time when i felt in love at the beach. so, i love beach so much!

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I think the beach would be a good place. Its calm and the air feels good and of course you can swim in the beach.

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Beaches offer the same old thing. A sight and some swimming, and often a crowd. Mountains (especially a wilderness) offers beauty, adventure, excitement, solitude, and sometimes swimming, too.

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Personally I can't stand the heat. Come wind, come snow, come winter land.

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