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Which Country is the Most Democratic?

By democratic, I mean in which it has a Government which fairly represents the population or represents the interests of the population.

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I don't really know what a democracy is. I want to say America but mostly because I was nationalized to think that way. So I guess the U.S.

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Actually despite the fact that we in the U.S have a representative form of government the term "democratic" doesn't really describe us because that term usually refers to the existence of a Domocracy which we don't have we have a Republic in the US. Unless you are using "democratic" to refer to the principle of fair and equal treatment of all citizens in which case you still may.

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There's also the historical fact that the US have only been in favor of democracy when it's been alligned to strategic aims. One could also talk about the kind of democracy that US fights for; take Iraq for example, it was more of a deathhole than a democracy when good ol' 'Murica was doing it's work down there.

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The Scandinavian countries. There isn't much poverty, basically everyone gets to vote, and our countries work together pretty well. Corruption is very low (Denmark ranking number 1 on 2012 corruption perception index, with Norwegian, Sweden and Finland ranking among the highest of the world). The Scandinavian countries are essential the epitomes of the wellfare state. We don't, however, have the lowest crime rate (as far as I can tell that would be Japan) but it's still lower than the one the U.S. has.

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Well, colder climate countries seem to be more prosperous with less troubles in general but why is that? I always thought that would be an interesting debate. Crime rates everywhere go up when it's warmer.

But all countries can't be compared to each other... population is the biggest problem. The US is the most populous FREE country in the world.

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Well, colder climate countries seem to be more prosperous with less troubles in general but why is that?

Assuming homicide statistics are a reasonable measure of crime rate, it looks like crime rate has more to do with which countries were victims of the European Colonial Period, what countries were under the influence of the USSR, and which countries had Gandhi. The distribution indeed is very odd, but I think it's coincidental. China seems to contradict my point, but then again, I don't really trust statistics coming from China.

population is the biggest problem.

Quite possibly so, but I think population density is a crucial factor as well. Population density in the US is quite low, which could explain US success at maintaining order. I may be wrong here, because a lot of US area isn't used by people at all, so the standard deviation should be pretty high.

Well, if there is any country resembling the closest to a direct democracy. Representative Democracy is very corruptible.

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I believe Switzerland has a referendum on nearly everything, but this can lead to a lot of 'tyranny of the majority'.