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 Which Democrat President was it that freed the slaves (5)

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Which Democrat President was it that freed the slaves

Maybe the Democrats can help me out with this.
I have looked through all the Democrat media sights and i just cannot find the answer.
Speak out their Democrat party supporters. 
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Yeah that was Abe Lincoln the Democrat president that freed the slaves.

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Most recently ……………… it was Johnson ;-) .

Chinaman(2982) Clarified
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Really good Democrat talking point but it is Democrat failure at re-writing history.

I can answer you.

It was a Republican President who freed the slaves. Kind of fits in with the Republican Party today trying to free our unborn babies from the chains of abortion.

The Democrat Party has even gotten worse. They now want to end the Hyde Amendment and force all Tax payers to pay to kill innocent viable babies.

Why are Democrats always on the side of inhumanity?