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Which Factor Is The Best Factor To Judge Food On: Taste or Technique?

I have seen Food Network food challenge shows and the judges seem to judge the food on technique more. What i mean by technique is how the chefs cook their food. In one show, there were chefs that have to make a fish course for the judges. Three out of four chefs use the pan and the oven but one chef poached his fish in sweet milk. If the technique is unusual and/or risky, the judges seem to appreciate that more.

I imagine what the judges feel. I think i understand them, lol. If i recieve a course and if one chef didn't put in as much effort as the other chefs, i will kick that chef out of the competition. However, what if that chef makes a better tasting dish? Then my mind scrambles back and or forth on what to judge on.....taste or technique.

I believe in the end, i will judge on taste more.


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I know I used to watch some food network challenges too. I think the best factor is to judge how the food is on taste because I like the taste of certain foods rather then technique. I don't think technique is necessary unless if you were working in a professional restaurant where people would expect the food to look good when its served as well as taste.

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I completely agree with you! it doesn't matter how food is made as long as it tastes good.

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ricedaragh(2497) Disputed
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So you wouldn't mind if your meal was boiled in paedophile urine, so long as it tasted good.

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Not bothered how it's cooked or it's presentation... I just want something that taste's good. :) ;)

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The purpose of food is to fuel the body: neither taste nor technique matters, rather whether or not the reason behind eating is fulfilled.

However, given only two choices (i.e. 'taste', and 'technique'), I shall choose the former. Taste is the added benefit of fueling the body, so long as the taste is good. Without good taste - as I am sure most here have experienced - one may wish to discontinue fueling the body until good-tasting fuel (i.e. food) can be had, no matter how grand was the technique in the food's preparation.

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Ultimately, it has to be the taste...but sometimes the technique can be awesome or disturbing.

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The taste of food is paramount to everything else. If a food product tastes bad, it will be an instant turn-off.

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