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Mortal Kombat Street Fighter
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Which Fighting Video game is better?

Both video games changed the history of gaming. Especially mortal Kombat, that game is co responsible for the esrb. 

Both games are literally legends, so which ones are better?

Mortal Kombat

Side Score: 10

Street Fighter

Side Score: 6
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Finish him!

Does Street Fighter have a phrase like that? Doubt it.

Side: Mortal Kombat
Srom(12207) Clarified
1 point

It does have KO! P.S watch my little brother Killerbee come in and write a long argument because he plays Street Fighter a lot!

Side: Mortal Kombat
Slengdu(121) Clarified
1 point

Why not just let him do so on your account?

Side: Mortal Kombat
BookBird101(575) Clarified
1 point

KO is in no way as cool or as riveting as FINISH HIM. 'Finish Him' gives me that boost of energy or excitement to completely annihilate my opponent in cheerful glee. 'KO' is bland and boring, not to mention overused.

Side: Mortal Kombat

We should use that phrase on CD ;)

Side: Mortal Kombat
Slengdu(121) Disputed
1 point


Side: Street Fighter
GuitarGuy(6096) Clarified
1 point

What if it's a her? Finish her!

Just doesn't sound right.

Side: Mortal Kombat

Neither. Dead or Alive is the only way to go. ;)
Side: Mortal Kombat
1 point

I prefer the finishing moves and the nifty powers of Mortal kombat to Street fighter and it's lack of finishers.

Side: Mortal Kombat
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