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Which Law School is Better?


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Harvard is the 2nd best law school in America so its obviously better.

Side: Harvard

I will say Harvard because of the school's prestige and great instructors.

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Who Knows and quite frankly, who cares?---------------------

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Morgie717(76) Disputed
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If you don't care, why on earth would you even create an argument? its a very stupid thing to do.

Side: Stanford
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Stanford, by a landslide! This school only excepts the best, and from those best the even better best are chosen!

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I will go with Stanford. Cause it's my surname. I guess that's not a great argument.

I attend the Law School at the University of Waikato in NZ, so that's the best I can do.

Side: Stanford
saprophetic(390) Disputed
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Persuasive. You're not... thinking of becoming a lawyer, I hope? I don't really expect the judge to merit you on the basis of your last name.

Side: Harvard