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Windows 7

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Well, since I have a PC notebook and a PC at lab I would have to say Windows 7... but really I am not looking forward to either. There will just be one more expensive operating system to buy with more update packs, and bugs, and compatibility issues!

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PS- My vista has not given me a single problem in almost 2 years, knock on wood.

PPS- That Onion article had me laughing so hard I was crying! =) Thanks!

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I'm happy with Ubuntu. If I had to pick though, I'd go with Windows 7. Bigger market share = more apps. Also, Windows 7 seems to have some good buzz behind it.

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Microsoft's Windows has constantly lagged behind Apple OS's, but I think that Windows made huge leaps forward with Vista, and they'll more than likely take more huge leaps forward whenever the next one comes out. Hopefully they won't keep us waiting for a long time.

But, no matter which ends up being more popular, I'm expecting them both to surprise me with something awesome, so don't disappoint me, guys!

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I need to replace Vista.

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Side: Windows 7
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I think that Windows 7 will boost Microsoft's popularity magially! I run Vista Home Premium on my laptop, and it is a bit slow, but i think that W7 will completely change that

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Snow leopard will let me mount Windows XP, Vista, and 7... And because it's mearly a performance update, Leopard, which isn't that bad at managing itself will run like Tiger, but because of the cocoa finder, even quicker.

Windows 7 looks F'ing lame anyway. Look at how many shinny glass things I can have, and they're implimenting that windows snap thing that linux has been using forever... and it doesn't even increase productivity like some of the other linux functions like multiple desktops.

I'm glad though that the kernal for Windows 7 is fresh... beyond that though, Windows 7 looks like nothing more than a Vista superglass update w/ a shitty dock-taskbar half breed bastard child and a less useful than pretty little window thing... that only makes the current task bar look old.

I use every OS, if you're about to call me a fanboy. Just because someone dislikes something doesn't mean they are a fan of the alternative.

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Also, looking at lifehacker's "Top 10 Things to Look Forward to in Windows 7"

10. Ok, the gadgets in Vista and their placement in a sidebar have never worked as well as Yahoo's widget application or OS X's dashboard widgets.

09. One of the top 10 things is a new paint/etc??? Why is that a TOP thing to be looking forward to?

08. Understandable and expected

07. OS X already has this and has since at least Tiger 10.4.1. Windows has always been bad about this and fixing it shouldn't be something that you wish for, but expect.

06. Again, something that is to be expected. They way it is now sucks, why shouldn't you expect it to be changed???

05. Thank you for letting me have my computer back, please don't alert me about my ability to do things anymore either.

04. Ok, whatever, etc.

03. Not impressive whatsoever. See Linux.

02. Are you seriously making this a point? Startup time is about as retarded as basing a processors performance on Mhz. Just because Vista was slow does not mean that anything quicker will be AMAZING, it means that they are making it less shitty.

01. An improvement in the windows world, again, see linux and especially OS X.

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Mac OS X -- half a dozen known viruses.

Windows -- 15000 known viruses.

'nuff said.

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Vista was crap so why would would 7 be any better than vista. snow leopard look far better than windows 7.

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I'd grudgingly go for Snow Leopard, since it's more Linux-like.

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