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Which One Is Better?

The Office

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Family Guy

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OFFICE OWNS!!!! Office is like real life funny, family guy is stupid funny, the office is hilarious!!!!

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Damn you PEZZ!

I personally love both of these shows!

However I shall digress and pick The Office.

Family Guy never goes blue, essentially an all around funny show. However it lacks the ability to make me think about the comedy they are trying to portray. It is usually fairly blunt and in your face.

Whilst The Office is always making you think, and it also has a real life element. Leading you to believe that this is what working in an office is really like.

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"Bears, beets, Battlestar Galactica" as opposed to.... what? exactly. the office.

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The (British) Office is much more amusing. The British are masters at situational and akward comedy. Family Guy has been milked dry of jokes.

Side: The British Office

I agree the English office is much better than Family Guy. Ricky Gervais and Steve Merchant write excellent comedy, have you checked out Extras.

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I like GLEE better. But office is so much better than family guy. I find no humor in family guy. Its just not funny

Side: GLEE
DaWolfman(3322) Disputed
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You must not get most of the humor, you need to know a lot about America.

You have to know books, politics, economics, government, history, and have a firm grasp on essentially adult concepts.

So the show isn't funny to most of the younger generations, mainly an adult show.

Side: Family Guy
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the office is hilarious. They dont have to cuss to be funny. The writers are soo creative. Like Ricky Gervais (sorry if i miss spelled his name)

Side: The Office

The Office is so much better. Family Guy has the same jokes that most people have heard a million times over. Who wants to hear a joke more than 100 times? Not many people would. Family Guy jokes are also dry and lame. The Office is more like real life and not just some silly little cartoon.

Side: The Office

I vote for the office. American Style. Not that British crap ;)

Side: The Office

I dont think that famiily guy is the best show, actually kind o but its better than the office.

Side: Family Guy

Peter Griffin cracks me up all the time. "Family Guy" pushes the line when censorship is concerned. Great show!

Side: Family Guy