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Lying Politicians People who are ignorant
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Which Pisses you off more?

For the people that are ignorant I mean people who talk about things that they know nothing about.

Lying Politicians

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People who are ignorant

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Lying politicians that are ignorant to the fact the they work for us, and are public servants. And treat people like crap for expressing their opinions by belittling them in public.

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There are a slew of "debates" and "arguments" on this site with very little foundation. Yet public opinion wins out. It seems that this site is mislabeled. It should be named something like "Create Argument", since logic, reason, and debate rules are clearly not applied to many of the "debates" here.

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I absolutely agree Tujae. I'm Nthdegreeman, libertarian, strong engineering and physics background. Would love to discuss points of interest with you at your convenience.

I am a proponent of Natural Law theory and enjoy reasoned debate.

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Politicians have to lie to be elected; this is a system we've created, and a system that we're at fault for. Nobody's going to elect someone that say s they can;t do a damn thing for the world economy, that the Russians and Chinese are going to become more powerful, and the the US can't really do anything anymore.

However, willfully ignorant people (not people who don't have access to education, but those who have it and abuse/misuse/don't use it) are really irritating, because they make a point of being stupid. HOW is that attractive? HOW?

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People that buy into the lies are the ones feeding the fires, so I guess I'm more pissed off by people who take everything they see at first glance and figure that it's the absolute truth.

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When a politician lies it only works on the ignorant so...

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I hate when a person talks about something that they know absolutely nothing about especially in regard to history. They talk about it like they know what they are talking about and when you tell them they are wrong they tell you, you are wrong it pisses me off.

There was this kid and he tried to say that the German SS was a miltia. I told him that the SS was the German equivalent to the The US Marines. He refused to budge. Antother time he said that the US should used a cruise missle or a stealth bomber to attack Japan instead of dropping the A-Bomb.

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andsoccer16(1784) Disputed Banned
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Pot, meet kettle...................................................

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Nothing ticks me off more than someone who is truly ignorant. A politician is never ignorant but they lie so much how can you possibly trust what they're saying half of the time. Most politicians are fairly well educated but an ignorant person isn't and probably never will be unless they realize it before it's too late.

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Ignorance leads to stupidity. Stupidity leads to believing any lie that you hear which might sound good to you.....and there is no one better at teaching people how to be ignorant than a lying politician scumbag, which pretty much covers almost 100% of the politicians worldwide. Politicans are there to make you feel good, not help you make your life better.

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