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Three days grace Linkin park
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Which band has the better songs

Three days grace

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Linkin park

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Almost every single song in Three days grace is good, the only awsome song from Linkin park is Crawling

Side: Three days grace

Neither, Mumford and Sons is much better. However, Linkin Park sounds all the same, so Three Days Grace.

Side: Three days grace
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PLEASE WHATEVER. linkinparks albums are amaziing intense and gratifying taking on personal subjects and politcal matters adding rap and rock together LP BETTER 3DG IS GOOD THOUGH BUT THEY GONE GONE POP LP TAKES IT

Side: Linkin Park
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are you kidding me mumford and sons better then linkin park or 3 days grace no not possible linkin park and 3days grace are 2 of the best bands in the world respectively how can u even compare them 2 those 2 bands

Side: Linkin park

Linkin Park! Their songs helps so many people. They are definitely better than Three days grace.

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