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Which beverage do you prefer?

Amarel banned me from his alcoholic beverage debate so I'm making this which includes non alcoholic beverages. :)
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Prevalent medical/health advice is that we should drink lots of water. Generally it should be filtered.


I prefer to filter it through coffee grounds.

With beer I like it dark. Guiness is a simple and nice one I enjoy.

I find wine is rarely nice alone (maybe will like it with food sometimes) and is just too strong for my stomach in large quantity.

I stay away from spirits as I have high sensitivity to thing in general (caffeine etc) and don't like what alcohol does to me.

TzarPepe(792) Clarified
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Guinness is the business

LRyuuzaki(51) Disputed
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The supreme ultimate reality doesn't want you to drink alcohol.

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That XXX Pomegranite Vitamin water is good stuff. I like Texas Tea, especially the Pecos Cantaloupe and Austin Goodflow honey and mint. Moonshine teas are also really good, I like the mint and honey.

Truthfully? I mostly drink purified water.

I do love beer though. Lagunitas are kind of pricey, but I've liked every single one of their beers. They are strong too. Saint Arnolds is another beer company I like, the weed wacker is probably my favorite. New Belgium has a lot of good stuff, I think overall they are a good beer company. Shiner has a lot of really good beers too, I like them all. Guinness and Stella Artois were mentioned already by people, those are really good drinks. Guinness is one of my favorites.

Now if we are going to go into malt liquor.....

Hurricane over 211

Mickeys over Old E(They screwed up with the plastic 40s.. wait... 42 now? Still, plastic 40 is such an abomination it could be the name of a punk band)

King Cobra over Magnum

I used to drink over a gallon of hard liquor every day, and it really damaged my guts. I don't really drink hard liquor any more. At that time, I'd pretty much drink bottom shelf neutral grain spirits with whiskey added for flavor and color.

I'm not a heavy drinker any more, but I still have a beer a day. Usually a heineken, a fosters, a fat tire, or something. I like to mix up the beer I drink. I usually get me a single after work.

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I drink a stupid number of coffee drinks, from black to latte, with a preference for iced. I love good beer, my favorites being good barleywines and Belgian quads. I love Cape Cods and Long Island Iced Teas as far as mixed drinks go, and I'm insanely partial to amaretto.

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Hello E,

Of course you do. You live in Seattle. We’re coffee snobs up here.


EldonG(550) Clarified
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Actually, I'm in Austin...posting this from a Starbucks, no less.

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An ocassional decafe mocha...................................................................................

I love tropical juice. Mango goes with ANY FRUIT (seriously even lemons) it's such an insanely nice tasting fruit.

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My favorite alcoholic beverage is wine because I'm a fucking pansy. Actually there's nothing wrong with a big hairy man like me drinking wine, fuck you. The beer called "stella artois" is good as well but it's more manly than it sounds. As for hard liquor I usually go with rum. (I only drink like once a month BTW)

When it comes to non-alcoholic beverages I am a health-nut and a snob. I only drink organic juices and I drink a lot of smoothies with ingredients like spirulina, buckwheat, jerusalem artichoke, etc. and I juice vegetables as well as fruit. For fruit I prefer the tropical ones, for veg I juice kale, cucumber, celery, carrots and many more. And of course I got mad mixed berry smoothies up in this bitch with chia seeds and berry juices as well as pretty much every other kind of juice. I also drink milk, but not raw milk like YOU DO

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You assumed I wasn't lactose intolerant in that debate.


I won't confirm either way but your assumption is silly to have made.

FactMachine(432) Disputed Banned
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Oh give it a rest you sanctimonious jizz bag, I'm too busy drinking blueberry mixed with acai mixed with purple carrot mixed with orange carrot mixed with apple and grape juice and sweet potato V8s and sipping kombucha to worry about your milk problems.

TzarPepe(792) Clarified
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Stella Artois is a fine beer. They've been making that stuff for hundreds of years to. Something that manages to stick around that long must have something going on.

And it does, that brew is legit.

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I like sneaking up on a mother hog while her babies feed, and just sneak myself in there to feast.

Grenache(6103) Clarified
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So many ways to answer....

I didn’t know you were married?

Does your mother mind that you talk about her like that?

Is that what they call a Cherokee juice box?

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Coconut water

Grape juice

Orange mango tango


Water, coffee, tea and beer, the staples of life.


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Red wine

Craft beer

Cachacha and nicer rums

Amaro and similar bitters liquors

Diet Coke

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I'd have to say tea, coffee, then beer. Probably in that order but tea and coffee may interchange depending on the type of day.

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I'm personally fond of tea, though water (yeah, I know it's weird -_-) is a close second, as well as coffee.