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Which can bring you more happiness?

So which do you think would give you more happiness?


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I know many many people would pick money than love but, to me it would be love. I dont really care about money all that much. I would rather have love than money. I believe that money don't really give you happiness for money will only get you objects. It might seem happiness to you but, its really not. I would give up one million dollars just to have the girl I love.

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Yea! Potatoe!

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Money can only buy materialistic pleasures. Each expensive possession empties your soul out more.

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In this world apparently love can be brought by money. This world just evolves around MONEY. For money is everything in the world!! As a adult and trust me you will find the truth. The answer is MONEY, MONEY !!!!!

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On the balance, I'm going to side with money; heres why:

Overall, love certainly can bring more happiness in and of itself than money can, but consider that love is a nebulous thing; many of us go through many partners before finding love, if we ever find it.

A lack of money severely limits ones mobility and options; as such, when money is lacking, the pool of prospective romantic partners is smaller. Furthermore, a lack of money can motivate individuals to marry/partner for practical reasons, further distancing the possibility of finding love.

Of course, there is far more to it than that, but I still side with money, as it makes love easier to find.

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