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 Which candidate do you side with the most? Quiz Time!! (9)

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Which candidate do you side with the most? Quiz Time!!

So a really interesting site that polls you on current issues and then matches you with your ideal candidate.  Take it and see who you ought to vote for :)

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100% Gary Johnson - Libertarian Candidate

98% Ron Paul - Republican Candidate

71% Virgil Goode - Constitutional Party Candidate

60% Mitt Romney - Republican

16% Barack Obama - Incumbent Democrat

It also pointed out that I side 92% with Libertarians, 59% with Republicans, 39% with Greens, and 19% with Democrats.

I am not surprised with these results. I do find it interesting that I came out to 100% with Gary Johnson. I've been advocating his candidacy, but I've never agreed 100% with anything. Of course, the quiz is probably not perfect, but this makes some sense as well. His views are very well thought out and careful to not allow special interests and ability for government to abuse any powers.

And yeah, I side with the Green Party more than with the Democrats because even Greens want less government involvement in certain issues. Democrats are pretty much straight up Authoritarians.

Edit: after looking through, we slightly disagree on foreign policy and abortion. that's about it.

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92%- Ron Paul

89%- Mitt Romney

82%- Gary Johnson

66%- Virgil Goode

43%- Barack Obama

91% Republican, 63% Libertarian, 30% Democratic, 11% Green.

Interesting quiz. Hard to believe I agree with Obama on 43%! Otherwise, I'm not too surprised with the results.

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Candidates you agree with...

-Gary Johnson: 87% (On health care, social, domestic policy, foreign policy, immigration, and environmental issues).

-Ron Paul: 64% (On health care, domestic policy, environmental, and foreign policy issues).

-Mitt Romney: 64% (On environmental, domestic policy, and health care issues).

-Barack Obama: 56% [On social, science (huh?), and domestic policy issues].

Who you side with by party...

-Libertarian: 70% (not surprising).

-Republican: 61%

-Democratic: 59%

-Green: 55%

Who you side with by issue...

-Environmental Issues: Mitt Romney

-Domestic Policy: Mitt Romney

-Health care: Ron Paul/Gary Johnson

-Science: Barack Obama

-Social: Rocky Anderson

-Foreign Policy: Gary Johnson

-Immigration: Jill stein/Gary Johnson

-Economic Issues: Ron Paul/Rocky Anderson/Virgil Goode/Barack Obama/Gary Johnson


Apart from my views lining up with the Democratic and Obama's stance more than I assumed I would, the results doesn't really surprise me. I've always been considered to fit into Libertarian views.

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Candidates you agree with...

-Gary Johnson: 83%

-Jill Stein: 79%

-Barack Obama: 71%

-Ron Paul: 70%

-Mitt Romney: 36%


Who you side with by party...

-Democratic: 83%

-Green: 77%

-Libertarian: 65%

-Republican: 30%


Obama is still my man (since Huntsman dropped out).

Obama: Foreign policy, social, immigration, and domestic policy 78%

Stein: Foreign policy, immigration 67%

Romney: Domestic policy, environmental 61%

Paul: Science, health care 61%

Democrat 71%, Green 62%, Libertarian 55%, Republican 53%

Not surprised because I'm middle of the road, logical, conservative, rational..... and the results back this up. Never lean toward that which is evil, Republician. Go Obama.

75%-Barack Obama

72%-Jill Stein

72%- Virgil Goode

70%-Mitt Romney

68%- Gary Johnson

65%-Ron Paul

53%-American Voters

51%- Rocky Anderson

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75%-Barack Obama

Oh... shit...!

78% Democratic

75% Republican

74% Green

62% Libertarian

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Gary J's ma man apparently, 100%.

Ron Paul: 94%

Virgil Goode: 76%

Mitt Romney: 52%

Barack Obama: 21%