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Which continent has produced and is producing more football talents?


South America

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South America...... ... They are powerhouse of football.....

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of course the south america, the south american players were given the powerful skill like samba etc. look at lionel messi....

and south american country produces many footballer tho entire world..

as example argentina and brazil...

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South America made a big step forward this year in South Africa, but it's still Europe most definitely.

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Europe easily just look at the world cup this season 3 of the last were from europe. Also Europe has won the most world cups

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South America always brings great footballers to the fore, but the home of football is still, and always will be Europe. The biggest competitions and the pinnacle of footballing competition...the UEFA Champions League. When players have established themselves in South America, they come to Europe. The entire Brazil and Argentina teams play within Europe. You have to go back to 2002 for a non 'all-European' world cup final. Don't get me wrong, South America produces great footballers, it's just that Europe produces more.

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