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 Which country had the biggest influence in winning World War 2? (4)

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Which country had the biggest influence in winning World War 2?

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Most of the countries had very little effect in World War 2, so we can cancel most of the most of them out straight away. So this leaves USSR, United Kingdom, and the USA. The United Kingdom was in the War from the start, surviving against Germany, and preventing them from getting too powerful to defeat.

However if we Include the axis, then it is Germany. Germany could have continued it's attempt to take of United Kingdom, but instead it decided to widen the war by attacking USSR, which you could argue not only dragged the USSR into the war, but also the USA. So Germany and it's allies became outnumbered, and over-powered.

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It is weird to think that the losing country would have the biggest influence on winning the war, but you seem right in a way. If Germany didn't attack the USSR, they might have actually won. But, it didn't really have anything to do with what the USSR did until after Germany made the mistake of attacking.

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Yes, Germany definitely would have won if they didn't attack. Although, if they planned it better and later, it might have succeeded. Although,it is fair to say that Germany lost the war because of Hitler.

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I think the US tipped the balance like they did in WW1. Germany knew soon they would lose due to the fact of unbalance. If it wasn't for the UK and US, Germany would be at a prolong war with the USSR. Eventually, the USSR might would have lost the war (Russians always seemed to be saved by a bad winter). However the same would ring true for the UK and US.

I think you can't really say who would had the biggest influence as if without one or the other the Allies most likely would have lost the war.

And to throw this out there, the US came close to having a dictator like Italy, Germany, etc. His name was Huey Long. With his corruption and Socialist ideas, he might have very well would have become president due to the Great Depression.

I love thinking about what could have happen. It is hard to believe that everything fell into place like it did and seemed to work out for the better.

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In World War 1, Germany was already under a lot of preasure by the time the USA joined. I might Create a debate about the same thing, exceapt it will be with World War 1.

Anyway, I agree, without the USA, UK or Russia or even France, we would have lost the war.