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 Which debater would you most like to have a drink with? (36)

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Which debater would you most like to have a drink with?

And what drink would it be?

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4 points

I'd rather just drink with everyone and spike the drinks with LSD.

1 point

All of us drink AND with LSD sounds like either the best or worst idea I've ever heard X)

1 point

and maybe molly


"I'd rather just drink with everyone and spike the drinks with LSD."

You read my fucking mind!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yeah..., right...., like I need LSD ;)

2 points

I would drink with silashwash and I would drink root beer, its the only kind of beer that is good for you. ;)

I don't like Root Beer so I will have Grape Soda.

Srom(12204) Clarified
1 point

Ok I guess I can get rid of the root beer and put Grape Soda! :)

2 points

Gary, he's Irish, gotta be a fun drinker. Would be great seeing him get angry as fuck over the US' foreign policy.

2 points

I don't care who I drink with as long as they can hold their shots or straight up liquor no beer.

1 point

Sunset, we should have a girl's night.

I feel like we'd have fun going out to bars together. Also that we would cause a little trouble. ;)

2 points

oh I am positive we can cause some trouble and that would be great, whenever you want

1 point

Baby, I'll hold your shots... but I can't guarantee I won't do them... ;)

2 points

Tight jeans, Camel Toe. Make a man go Hell No.

Liber is probably a smart drunk. Like, he drinks some vintage Dom Perignon, and comes out with all kinds of profound shit. Sort of an intellectual Popeye.

I also want to give Srom a giant ass tankard of beer, just 'cos I think he'd be a hilarious drunk. He'd end up throwing rocks in the sky to try and hit God, and end up with a traffic cone on his head and a cross nailed to his ass.

Saurbaby(5579) Clarified
1 point

Srom is so innocent that I can't even imagine him drunk X)

But it would be oh so amusing.

Srom(12204) Clarified
1 point

I would never get drunk so I wouldn't drink beer, the only beer that is good is root beer. ;p

1 point

This is an easy one. SupremePizza ^_^

As for the drink, well I prefer one of two things.

Dr. Pepper with vodka, trust me, it's good.

Or Bacardi 151.

1 point

Bacardi 151? like... as a general drink?

my god 8l


1 point

I like the Dr. Pepper with Vodka, with random shot of the 151 through out a night...


I'm touched ;)

Also, Dr. Pepper with vodka is amazing <3

1 point


People here me say that and are like "ugh". They're just losers.

Not sure what drink would imply, but if an adult beverage, then it would be ThePyg, JoeCavlry, and the Terminator. Note, I only drink beer, for example, Guinness and Miller.

1 point

body shots ladies? im 15 so i can imagine im amusing when im drunk;D

i'd drink with myself an joe cavalry i dont know why but he is one interesting dude ;)

1 point

A Cuba Libre with, hmm, Joe, I guess.

Cuba libre ? .

Does it have to have alcohol .....................................

debateleader(1350) Clarified
1 point

, .

No .

Anarchyguy and ChuckHades .,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,