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Which do you say?

I make this post for my dearest friend... which do you say???


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Since there's an 'I' in the spelling I say 'pillow'... not sure why anyone would say 'pellow'???

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It all depends on the accent someone has

If someone says "pillow" then...they say pillow .

If someone says "pellow" they might have an accent , or currently trying to learn the word ????????

I have nothing else to say lol

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I cannot say that I have ever heard anybody pronounce the word "pillow" with an 'e' rather than an 'i'. Sure, it isn't the most common word, but I have never heard your pronunciation nor can I really imagine anybody who is fluent in his enunciation of English mispronouncing so simple a word in such a manner.

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i live in america and unless you don't do your homework (haha ang and manda u know what i mean) its a stupid word to say and makes you sound stupid when you say it. otherwise u must not have gone to preschool!!!! p-I-l-l-o-w!!!! there is an I no E!!!!

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I say pellow because the commercial pillow pet rhymes, its a pellow its a pet, its a pellow pet. Not its a pillow its a pit, its a pillow pit!...(i;m the dearest friend by the way.


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katiekat(69) Disputed
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no no no NO!!!!! conorowesme!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I say pellow but don't know why, none of my family or friends say pellow, they say pillow

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Pellow most of the time, sometimes i say pillow , but connorowesme got me saying pellow....

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Pellows are frudging cool! BTW... What is a pillow? Grrrr

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it just seems more natural than the actually word 'pillow'.

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